Summer 2020 Room Tour:

Hey girly! What’s up with you today? I am super duper excited for today’s post because this is my first Room Tour on Sunshine & Rain! I can’t wait to show you guys my lovely bedroom haha!

I actually am pretty happy with the style of my bedroom right now, I really love the look and feel of it! To me, my bedroom feels so cozy and cute and it still at the same time feels like home. I’m sorta going for a bohemian, hippie, beach-palm-springs type style for it! What theme is your bedroom? I’d love to hear about it!

Alright, before I burst from excitement, I’m gonna start the tour 😁

Right when you walk into my bedroom, to the left of the door is my mirror and closet! I like writing encouragement and quotes to myself on the mirror, it’s really uplifting at some times ❤️

When you look straight ahead from my door, is my desk and creative-work-artsy-fartsy-area! Aka, my desk and shelves. (Again with the terrible but also amazing naming of things from Hailey.)

Hanging above my desk I have my calendar, some mini shelves with decor, my list of positive affirmations that I like to read over, and my slowly but surely growing wall of polaroids! I keep most of my art supplies inside my desk drawers, and a lot of my pen pal stuff too!

Haha my shelves have almost too many things to name off, but I’m sure you can see everything for yourself! My shelves hold a lot of my favorite things, and a lot of things that have no other specific place they belong inside my room….

*lists everything on the shelves anyways*

Funko POP collection, lego creations gifted to me by my brother, black jewelry box, bible, pink journal, mini mirror, nail polish, llama book ends, summer savings jar, candle, books, glasses, pink box that holds all my scrunchies, art supplies, mini vintage cameras, beautiful art work from Allie, notebooks, tripods, favorite mugs, magazines, DS, and Polaroid film.

My shelves hold my every growing collection of Funko Pops up on top! 😝

Next to my shelves is my lovely window! I love how big my window is and it’s open 99.9% of the time haha! I am working on finding some pretty curtains for my window, instead of the weird blinds that I’m not so fond of haha!

Over to the right side of my bedroom in the top corner is my dresser, and bean bag chair which I love so much!

Oh well hello there doggo

Also to the right of that, is my bed area! I love the way my bed area looks and I think it’s very me! I love my fairy lights, my throw pillows, my Rip Surf, my macrame wall hanger above my head board, and all of it! 😊

My wall hanger! ❤️

Well, this was kinda short haha but that’s the over all tour of my bedroom! I really hope you enjoyed this little mini tour, and I can’t wait to do more soon because Jesus knows how much I switch up my bedroom 🙌🏻😂

Thanks for checking out my latest post! And I’ll see ya very soon, later dudes! 🤙🏼

39 thoughts on “Summer 2020 Room Tour:

  1. Ok…. this was ahhh!!! So pretty and cute and aesthetic!!! It looks like it came right out of pinterest!! Your style is amazing!!! Love it love it love it!! I am glad that this pretty room has an even prettier and sweeter owner💖 Thank you so much for doing this post!!! I was waiting for it!! It was wayyyy better than I expected!!!

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  2. Your room is gorgeous Hailey! I love how warm, cosy and boho it looks whilst also being beachy. The hanging guitars, fairy lights and macrame couldn’t match better. Such a beautiful relaxing vibe! Your whole bed area is absolutely dreamy. I’m currently still in th process of re-doing my room. I’m going to get a new lamp that actually matches my decor. I also got some new linen pillowcases. Just a few things here and there. I love constantly changing things up!

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    1. Ooh thank you very much! Ahhhh, that’s exactly the vibe I have been going for so i’m glad it looks that way haha! Girly, I am totaly that one girl who changes up her bedroom constantly so I get that! Those sound so very pretty! Thanks again! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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