Igniting Inspiration Week #9: Quotes of the Week to Ignite the Fire in Your Heart

Good Sunday morning y’all! I hope that your day is full of sunshine. ❤️ Today I am back with Week #9 of the Igniting Inspiration series! Like every week, I am going to be providing a handful of encouraging quotes, and some hilarious MEMES for some laughs to kick off the new week!

I absolutely love talking with you guys so I’d love to chat with you about this past week! What was something you did this week? Something you’ve been loving? Something you were extra grateful for? A special moment from this week? xD

Alright guys, here we go! Be sure to stay till the end for extra laughs!

*Once again, none of these images are my own unless listed otherwise*

I loved those so very much, how about you? ❤️ That feeling you have when you just happen to come across a quote or a bible verse and it speaks directly to your heart, Ahhh there’s nothing like it!

Okey dokey guys! You should know what time it is!

Haha I challenge you guys to go through all of these MEMES without laughing! If you accomplish that, then comment #DidntLaugh! And, if you can’t keep a single giggle in like me, then comment #TotallyFailedAtThisChallenge.

Don’t worry though pal *pats on the back*, I’m standing right there with ya. 😂

Ready? Set? GO!

Thanks to the lovely Allie for providing a few of these MEMES 😂❤️

Haha did you make it? Let me know down in the comments! I can totally tell you that I cracked up at all of these. 🙌🏻🤣

(Before we end the post, I’d like to ask anyone who has grabbed and displayed my blog button to please update it to the button displayed below. And, if you’d like to swap buttons totally let me know because I’d love to! xD Thank you!)

Ahhhh, this is always the sad part in every post. ‘Tis the time where I must say farewell, and bid you all good day.

But hey, don’t be so glum! (Okay I’m done with the weird accent thingy) There is so much more planned for future content here on Sunshine & Rain, so if you’d like to see more, be sure to Subscribe by email to make sure you don’t miss out!

Thanks a bunch for checking out the latest post in Igniting Inspiration! I’ll see ya again very soon lovely, keep smiling ; )

17 thoughts on “Igniting Inspiration Week #9: Quotes of the Week to Ignite the Fire in Your Heart

  1. The quotes touched my soul. Like really 🙂 I especially loved the ‘Just wait until the right one com-‘ and the ‘Confidence is not: They will like-‘ Ahhh! You always choose the best!! And the ‘If you can’t find sunshine, be the sunshine’ describes you so well! You are a beautiful ray of sunshine!! 😉
    Love, Amy

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Next, #TotallyFailedAtThisChallenge!! XD Especially the ‘Chat-Can’t , Email- Cannot –‘ and the ‘when I use my mum’s phone’ and the children google XD If I could I would put a million laughing emojis. XD Thanks for sharing dear Hailey!!
    Love, Amy

    Liked by 1 person

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