hearts shake

was it all fake?

just imagined in my head

just a made up, senseless dream

that kept me awake in bed.

got the wind knocked out of me

when i was punched by reality

it was never a real thing

but you should know everything

i said was true

now im left wondering

how about you?

i didn’t trust my heart

it told me things

that i always ended up chasing

just racing til my body hurt.

it told me things i thought were lies

just made to seem and look fine

but now i see these things it tells me

make me who i am destined to be.

a heart is meant for breaking

so when it heals

it beautifully scars over

and it’s stronger in the quaking.

hearts can feel good

but hearts can also break

and hearts can shatter

and hearts can feel fake

and sometimes hearts make decisions

that you do and don’t want to make

but no matter what it does

your heart makes you who you are.

my heart aches

and my heart breaks

but my heart brought me to this

and my heart makes my life what it is.

be careful what you love

be careful what you let yourself fall for

because i can guarantee

you’ll be on your knees

begging for mercy and sleep

when that dangerous thing that beats in

your chest begins to take over the rest.

hearts are meant for breaking

and hearts can seem to be faking

and a heart can take you somewhere

that you don’t want to be

but a heart takes you places altogether

that you otherwise would never have seen.

a breaking heart is necessary

for who i am becoming.

a heart enjoys the good times

but can also rip you apart at the seams

and hearts can be joyful

and filled with love

or they can be empty

and feel they never get enough.

im just trying to say

hearts are meant for breaking

to be stronger in the quaking.

just be careful, ok?

because hearts can shake things.

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