7 billion people

I lay on my back with my legs propped up on the back of the armchair, and let my head hang upside down at the front. I guess this is where I do my deepest and best thinking. Where I get my best ideas. Either this way or at 2 am while i’m in bed and trying to sleep but my brain wont shut up until I turn a light on and grab my notebook to scribble my “fantastic” ideas that i’m too afraid i’ll forget about if I wait til morning.

Do normal writers do this? I guess not. Because i’m not exactly normal.

Sounds of cooking and clanks of pots and the beep of the stove come from the kitchen. I like those sounds. They’re familiar. I like that about things, unfamiliar things give me butterflies. I don’t like that.

I tilt my head further back and look down, or should I say up, at the hardwood floor, but it gives me a headache so I pull back up and rest my head on the seat.

I stare at the poky patterned ceiling above me and while i’m thinking I trace the lines of the ceiling with my eyes. It’s like fidgeting, but just with your eyes. It helps me much more. I only do it when i’m in deep thought. Sometimes I get lost in there.

Do normal people do that? I don’t know.

I think about sunsets- ooh i like sunsets. yes. that’s a good thought.

I think about my day,

supermarket sales,

wondered where I put my blanket,

what chocolate would taste like with a pickle,

and about billions of faceless people who each had a completely different day from any other day ever experienced.

Ah. There it is. That deep pool of thought that you have to slowly slide into with the meaningless things first. But sometimes, the most meaningless things have the most meaning, don’t they?

I shift my gaze and begin to trace the puffy clouds out the window with my eyes.

7 billion people experienced this day differently.

Every day is a new day, and for everyone it will be one that no one has exactly experienced like they will.


someone got married.

someone broke up.

someone is crying.

someone is laughing.

someone had a baby.

someone lost a loved one.

someone is praying.

someone feels hurt.

someone is nervous.

someone is excited.

someone doesn’t know today is their last.

someone is angry.

someone is making a terrible decision.

someone is making a great one.

someone is happier than ever.

someone made a new friend.

someone lost an old one.

someone is being punished.

someone is being forgiven.

someone feels lost.

someone is having a birthday party.

someone climbed a tree.

someone is reading a book.

ate ice cream

got their drivers license

is sleeping

is shopping

ran away



made a difference in someones life

and so much more beyond what I can imagine in just these few moments. But, I would sit here and go on forever if I could.

I think about that. So many people in this world doing and feeling so many different things, and sometimes we forget that we aren’t the only ones doing things. We aren’t the only ones in this world.

Car horns honking somewhere that I don’t hear, a lightning storm happening somewhere I can’t see, someone crying alone in their bedroom that I can’t comfort, someone being happy as ever that i’ve never met, someone in need that i’m not able to help right now.

7 billion people. 7 billion faces. 7 billion different experiences.

What a diverse world we live in.

So oblivious.

21 thoughts on “7 billion people

  1. This was so beautiful! Am I the only person who got driver’s license stuck in my head again after reading “someone got their driver’s license.”

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  2. Beautiful. Really makes you think about how small we are in comparison to the big world! As I was reading this and pondering your thoughts on how everybody across the world is experiencing today or yesterday or tomorrow differently with their unique mindset, situations, accomplishments, tragedies, time zones, weather patterns and the like, my boyfriend called. I picked up and he immediately says “I just had the best day! I got the alignment fixed on my car so it drives straight and I got a cheese pizza!” and it was just so cute, haha. Then there was me cosied up with my coffee. So incredible really how the world gives and takes from us in different ways.

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    • Thank you so very much Maryam 😉 Haha hope you remember me by this time, I had been taking a break and now I am finally back in the blogosphere, ahh I have missed it so. Aww I absolutely love that!! I totally agree, I guess I truly accomplished my goal of making this a thought provoking post. ❤


  3. Lovely thoughts, Hailey!! I love it. And I love when people think like this…I have to keep a notebook by my bed, because I often wake up in the middle of the night with thoughts or ideas, and I HAVE to scribble it down, or I won’t ever, ever remember it again….Anyways, I loved this!!!! Thanks for sharing!!

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    • Thanks so much Keziah!! Oh same here and I carry my notebook with me everywhere, I mean you never know when inspiration will hit haha! Thanks again and sending much love!! 😉


  4. Wow, such a deep and profound thought, that so many people everywhere had such a different day then I did! With laughter, tears, sadness, and joy! Such a good post!
    -kaelyn 😛

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