Bullet Journal Spread: November 2020

Hewwo lovely people!

*sigh* hehe…. well I’m not sure if you noticed, but I have been gone for the past two weeks. My life recently has been very strange, and I sorta took an accidental but purposeful blogging hiatus!

I’m sorry for missing a couple of weeks, especially of the Igniting Inspiration series which I know you guys seem to love so much! I have the next post for that series ready to be put up this week. ; ) I am also working on a big long bumble-jumble post talking about everything happening in life lately, that should be up very soon!

So, hello again! I promise I will give a warning before hand next time. *cough – we both know that’s unlikely – cough*




*takes a moment to bop to playlist*

Today, I’m popping in to showcase my November 2020 Bullet Journal spread! I am actually very happy with how this months spread turned out, and this is my first time sharing my spreads, so i’m very excited! Every month I typically have the same theme. I like to keep it boho/hippie/retro with crystals, doodles, plants, and just a cute and cozy layout! Whatever I feel makes me happy that month, I use in my spread!

Welp, not much else to say, so please enjoy, and I will pop back in very soon loves! ; )