Blogmas Day #18: A Quite Festive Doggo (12/18/20)

Hellooo everybodee! Dis is Tank, and ahhh its good to bee back. It haz definitely bin quite a while since I last talked to you guyz on here, so I am very happee to bee here again.

Anywayz, I just wunna pop in to send sum happee Holidayz wishes to all of you frum me! Hailey and I took sum fotos today, and I think I look super ready for Christmas. Wut abowt you? ;P

I also wanted to chek in on you guyz to see how you are dooing! I’d luv to hear abowt your planz for the Holidayz this year! I cant wait to see wut I get for Christmas, and I will definitely show my gifts off soon!

Welp Hailey duznt actually quite know that I am on her computer, so let’s just keep dis between you and me ;D Goodbyee peoplz! I will see you again soon

Oh, and alzo bee sure to subscribe to Haileyz blog so that you don’t miss out on my (and her) future posts

I wish to you many belly rubs, and lotz of Holiday happeez

– Tanky Roo