Just Some Aesthetic Letter Photography: Most Recent Letter from Allie

YOU GUYS. I am literally so excited for this post. (Also hello there my lovely friend! Haha how are you today? xD) So I have just recently decided, that I am going to start making short little photo shoot posts on letters that I make for and receive from my Pen pals! Today I am featuring my most recent letter from Allie!

Speaking of which, Allie has just recently switched her blog over to WordPress! Definitely go check it out because her posts are absolutely amazing, and I promise her blog is totally worth your time. Allie is such an amazing girl, and such a great friend of mine and you should totally go check out her blog here at Allie@gowiththewaves, give her a good ole’ follow, and lots of love!

(P.S. To those who seen this post in their notifs but couldn’t find it, this post was actually taken down and re-posted just because of some small errors. Thank you! ; D )

Alrighty, onto the adorable letter photography! xD

The envelope art was absolutely adorable! ❤ Also I’m actually loving the flower stickers covering the address haha! Might as well make it cute right? xD
She sent me an entire envelope full of rose petals and pressed baby’s breath flowers and it made me smile so much! It was just beautiful ❤
In this photo is a vintage postcard from Arizona (which is actually probably from the 50’s or 60’s which I thought was SO COOL! I’ve always dreamed of seeing Arizona, my heart feels so pulled towards that place haha so thank you so very much for that Allie!) Also along with a very AaeEsSssTtEeETTiIIcCcc little photo collage and super cute paint chips! ❤️
She also sent me some little-puff-ball-flower-pom-pom-hangy-things (wow hailey what an amazing definition, but i’m sorry thats awful.), an adorable ATC, and a little decorative garland for my room!
And this is a picture of the envelope the beautiful flowers came in, the outside of the handwritten letter which was like 6 pages long so that’s the explanation behind the label, (gosh allie you crack me up 😂 ), and the cute little envelope with our questions and answers sheets on the inside!

(I’m not going to show the inside of the handwritten letters, or the Q&A sheets just for personal safety reasons.)

That’s it for the short yet SO adorable Letter Photography post! Once again don’t forget to go show my dear friend Allie some love over on her amazing blog! I can’t wait to hear from you guys, and I really hope you enjoyed this! Until we meet again my Chicken Nuggets,

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