❤ whenever a heart stops beating, many hearts break.


Please just take a look at this.

You may have other things to be doing, but please. Just look.

Did you know that every day, roughly 3,000 babies are killed in the US?

In the whole world, approximately 125,000 babies are killed every day.

And not by accident.

Just this year alone, there have already been over 34,372,000 abortions performed worldwide, and those are just the numbers I’m looking at, at this moment. The numbers I’m watching are skyrocketing higher by the second…… and my heart hurts.

thirty four million, three hundred seventy two thousand.

That’s 34 million lives that have been ended before they have barely began.

34 million babies that will never get to see the birds and planets, and stars high in the sky.

34 million babies that will never get to laugh, or make somebody else laugh.

34 million babies that will never get to be somebody’s best friend.

34 million babies that will never get to feel the sunshine, or the ocean waters on their skin.

34 million babies that will never get to fulfill their purpose from God here on this earth, or share their talents.

34 million people, that nobody will ever get to meet.

34 million babies, who will never have their own beautiful and amazingly unique identity.

34 million.

I am in no way using this post to bash anyone, or to guilt them, or offend them. I just ask that you hear what I have to say, because honestly I have kept this in for too long and I can’t hold it anymore.

I just don’t know if you understand the hurt I feel.

It completely breaks my heart and its putting me in tears as I write this, knowing that at this very second, somewhere out there, a baby’s life is being taken away.

Abortion is a real, and terrible thing. Many people have chosen to take the route of abortion, out of many better ones that they sadly did not take.

A baby, is alive. A baby, is precious. A baby, is a human being.

Please spare about 45 minutes of your time to watch this video.

*I wouldn’t recommend watching this if you are under the age of 13, due to sensitive topics and graphic images. If you are younger, I would strongly suggest watching this with a parent’s permission*

This video, absolutely shattered my heart. I bawled as I sat there in my bed watching every bit of it.

This really shows the ugly and evil of abortion. None of it is good.

But it also shows, that anybody’s mindset can be changed, and lives can be saved.

Now don’t get me wrong, I completely understand and am all for human rights, but the thing is, does the mother really have the right to end a life that’s not hers? The answer is no, no she does not.

No matter what the media and other people out there tell you, it is nowhere near okay to kill a child. They encourage us over and over proclaiming that “it’s a woman’s body, so it’s a woman’s right!” But actually, its not. That child has it’s very own body and an entire life set before it, and I can promise you that no woman has the right or authority to take that away!

Guys, the cold truth is that this world and our society is so, so messed up and twisted.

But I am absolutely sure that no matter how stubborn, anybody’s mind can be changed on the idea of abortion.

I did some research on abortion.

The word abortion comes from the word abort, which means “to bring to a premature end because of a problem or fault.”

To abort something, is to end it because of a problem.

When you abort a baby, you are bringing its life to an end because of certain difficulties.

When did it become okay to end a life because of a difficult situation?

That baby should not be a burden. That child should be so very precious, because a life is being carried inside of a mother. To me that is just a beautiful thing!

Think of your best friend. Your favorite person. The person you love the most in this world!

If their parents would have gone with the route of abortion, then that person wouldn’t be here. You never would have met. And they never would have got to have the life they do.

I don’t know about you, but thinking about that makes me hurt so bad.

I then researched on the word “Terminate.” One definition of terminate, is actually “to assassinate.”

Do you see what I’m getting at here?

The Pro Choice world says that a baby inside the womb is not alive, or a person. But, when they use the word “terminate” when talking about abortion, they are using the term assassination. Assassination, is to kill or murder.

So, answer me this. How can you kill something that’s not alive?

If you are aborting or terminating a baby, you are assassinating it.

It is plain MURDER because A BABY IS ALIVE.

I have complete respect over women’s rights, I really do.

But this is different. That is not a woman’s bodily rights, because that baby is not her body. It is a living human inside of her body, and it is not her right to take the life of another human, no matter what the Pro Choice world says.

A woman’s bodily rights, would be the right over what she chooses to eat, what she chooses to wear, what she chooses to put on her skin, what she chooses to do with her hair, etc. And us women do have those rights. But, we do not have the right to kill a living being just because it is inside of our body.

If women were and truly are meant to have the right and ability to choose between pregnancy or not, wouldn’t the woman be able to choose whether she conceived in the first place? God made us women the way we are so that we could have children! Not so that we can just kill them whenever we want to. Children are a blessing, and a gift! Whenever there is a child inside of a mother, God wants so badly for that child to live.

No matter whether it was through rape, or not, that child is still alive and created by God. God made that child for a purpose, and this world needs what that baby has. That baby will grow up to make their family proud, and that baby will be such an amazing person.

I truly do hurt for the women who went through trafficking, and became mothers who didn’t want to be. But listen, you should not let fear get to you so badly that you take a life that isn’t yours.

I know that I’m only a young teenager, and you may be thinking that I’m way too young or dumb to understand. And, actually I probably won’t ever understand exactly what it feels like to have a living being inside you that you didn’t plan on. But I can tell you that if I did go through something like that, I would definitely be scared. I would be Terrified. I would be confused, and angry, and upset, and many other things I can’t explain. Hopefully I never do have to go through something like that, but I’m going to trust Jesus. And you should too. Trust him when he says that it’ll be okay, and he will pull you through. Trust Jesus, and let those babies live the life they are meant to!

There are plenty of couples out there who would absolutely love to adopt if you cannot take care of the baby! Just please, don’t let your baby die. Don’t stop your baby from being able to live a beautiful life.

Did you know that a baby’s heart starts beating at 3 weeks? If something has a heart beat, it’s surely alive.

Even before that, that baby is still a living being.

It makes me so sad seeing that people are actually being encouraged to kill their child, just because they have a disability or may be different from other kids. Why would you take away your baby’s life, just because it won’t look the same as others lives?

Like Ray Comfort said in the video, if someone punches a pregnant woman in the stomach, and kills the child, they are charged with murder.

How is aborting that baby any different from that? And saying that “aborting is different because it was a choice” is not an excuse. If the baby dies from abortion, it is not considered murder. Yet if the baby is killed any other way, it is murder. That baby is being murdered either way.

I am not trying to shame anyone with this post. I am not spitting hatred at anyone who supports abortion, has chosen to take that route before, or just may be planning on taking that route here soon.

I am doing this out of love. I am standing up for Pro Life with my own voice, for those 34 million babies never got to have a voice.

I am doing this to tell you, that if you support abortion or have chosen abortion before, God forgives you. He will forgive you over, and over, and over. You know why?

Because he loves you. Even after everything, he loves you.

And he loves that child inside of the mothers womb.

He has a plan and a purpose for that child that he holds so dearly to his heart.

He knew every bit of who you were going to be before you were born. He chose and designed the color of your eyes, your fingerprint, the sound of your laugh, your entire personality, and everything else.

He designed every specific detail of your identity and life.

And he designed every specific detail of that child’s identity too.

Please, if you need help I would gladly talk with you. My goal is to change perspectives, and lead right back to Jesus.

I have still so much to say about this, but i’m sure i’ll build up more to put into another post.

So please, if you aren’t already, stand up with me and fight for good. Don’t let those children die. Please choose Pro Life! Be the voice that 34 million people never had.

I just want you to know, that if you are about to make that choice and take the route of abortion, i’m praying for you. I’m praying over your life, and that child’s life inside of you. God has a plan for you, and a plan for your baby.

He loves you, and that baby, beyond measure.

Let it live the beautiful life it was always destined to.