Life is a puzzle

(just one of my staring-out-the-window thoughts that I couldn’t let go of, so here I am just word vomiting it all out. enjoy 😉 )

Life is a puzzle.

At the end of our life’s journey, we will be able to see the complete picture. We will look and see this big beautiful, masterpiece of a puzzle that in itself is completely unique from any other work of art in the world. We will look at this picture and look back on everything that’s happened in our life time, and so much more will make sense to why it happened/did not happen.

Every piece of this picture, good and not so good, we will see fits together beautifully, and I cannot wait to later in life feel that satisfaction.

In the meantime, in the middle of life, we are constantly struggling and stressing over things just not making sense. This just doesn’t work, this happened and you don’t know why, this doesn’t fit at all even how badly you wanted it to, and it becomes an entire mess of us all the sudden saying “oh well, that’s it. it’s completely hopeless, and nothing will come together so i’m done.”

We lack patience, and faith. Being patient in waiting seasons but rejoicing at the same time, because you have faith and trust that God’s promises for what he’s got in store for you are true.

We will sit stressing over trying to put these big ole puzzle pieces together all at once, and we can’t hear God saying “it’s not the right time for that piece right there yet, just wait awhile longer my dear,” “that piece is not even meant for you hon’, don’t stress over it” “I know you love that one, but it messes up the picture and it needs to be let go of” etc.

Sometimes in our picture, we are just left with an empty space. We try and foolishly fill this space without God and somehow end up with a piece that’s from a completely different puzzle! Imagine that just for a second, someone is putting together a puzzle and comes across an empty space and at the moment the right piece for it is nowhere to be found. So, this person decides they’re too impatient to wait for this unknown but perfect piece to come along, so instead they just go ahead and search for some random piece that is either too big, too small, or just a completely different color that is nowhere near fitting the picture. Does that not sound silly? Do you think that at the end of our journey it will be satisfactory to look back and see this big jumbled mess of a picture that was put together, simply because we were too impatient for the right pieces?

We as humans can’t stand having empty spaces. Yes, it can be painful, and stressful, and sometimes scary, but God promises that in time, and in his own flawlessly perfect timing, he will bring us each of these mysterious but beyond perfect pieces to fit into our picture.

Some pieces you’ll have to throw out, even though it hurts. Some pieces you’ll lose and may never find again, and you’ll painfully wonder what happened to them. And some pieces will fit and stay forever.

When I talk about puzzle ‘pieces’, it can be anything from passions, people, pain, happiness, places, lessons, experiences, etc. In time, pieces will continue to be delivered by God, and be put in the puzzle.

Pieces, will come and go.

Some pieces you receive, fit nowhere in the puzzle at the moment and you have no idea what in the world you’re supposed to do with it! But later, when other pieces keep coming along, you will see that every piece will have a place, and it all will fit together.

We get so stressed over trying to hurry and put this puzzle together all at once, and get so upset when every time we try and fix it, it over and over again just falls apart and we don’t know why. We have a longing for some things that either we just aren’t ready for, aren’t meant for us, or it isn’t the right time for it.

When it doesn’t come together, it starts to feel hopeless. But remember that God is the only one who is truly in control of this puzzle of life. Of course he gives us choices, but in the end the picture will come out exactly as he had planned it to. And it will be beautiful.

God gives pieces, and he takes away pieces, but it all happens for a reason, and for the greater good. It gets confusing, and it will be that way all throughout life, but God never forgets to put the people in your life that are meant to be there, or the experiences you are meant to go through, or the places you are meant to see. God is forever in control of your puzzle, and he knows what he’s doing.

So we need to learn to just trust him, no matter how confusing, or hopeless, or hurtful a situation is. Because he will bring the pieces we need to grow, the pieces needed to make us become who we are meant to be, the pieces that will bring us both sorrow and joy, and altogether the pieces that will bring us a life that it beautiful, and joyous, and fully lived. And he will will bring it all at the right time.

So hang in there darling, and just trust that in a waiting season, God is doing something extraordinary, and he is working on making that next beautiful piece for your picture.

And loves, I myself am happy to say that after awhile of waiting, I can see more of my own beautiful picture, coming together.

Life is a puzzle.

And hon’, it will come together.

Busy Life & Upcoming Posts:

*a quite odd and random selfie shoot of mine for your entertainment*

Hiya hiya beautiful! How’s it goin’? I hope your Sunday had been one of the best! 😊❤️

Anyways, the reason I’m making this post, is because I didn’t actually make the latest Igniting Inspiration Post this morning. I don’t know if any of you noticed it, but I would still like to apologize for not having those quotes and MEMES uploaded, that I know you guys seem to love so much. I really enjoy making the Igniting Inspiration Series, and cannot wait till the next time comes where I can make the latest post in the series!

I have just been focused on other things this week, and haven’t worked on blogging at all. I actually had a bunch of ideas for this week to work on, but I’ve been distracted from it altogether. I really wish I would’ve had today’s post up for you guys, but life has had other things going on. It’s actually not just this weeks posts either, I’ve been missing so much with blogging the past couple months even.

I had actually started doing Life Updates in June/July, but unfortunately I’ve been so busy and distracted that I’ve missed 2 Life Update posts. I am not actually going to continue the Monthly Life Updates right now. It became a struggle to find even a few things I thought was worth writing about from the month, and I would much rather just write about something happened in the month whenever I have inspiration, rather than trying to fish for important things to include. I’m making a commitment to try and be more consistent with uploading and I can’t wait to start posting more!

I definitely will make sure that I post this week, and I’m starting to work on the many ideas for posts that I’ve just recently done some brainstorming for!

So, I have included a list below of a bunch of Upcoming Posts here on Sunshine & Rain, that I am super excited for! Haha some of them are Holiday related so they won’t be uploaded for a few months, but I am still so pumped for them! Here are all of my post ideas! (I’m actually still working on adding more, but I don’t wanna spoil to much 😜)

Upcoming Posts:

*none of these are in any order whatsoever, just a bunch of ideas thrown together!*

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I am so excited for all of these, and totally let me know if you have any other posts you’d like to see from me!

Totally tell me about your day, or life recently because I have missed talking with you guys so much! You guys are the sweetest ever and I can’t wait to chat with y’all! I can’t wait for the next post here on Sunshine & Rain, and until then my lovely Chicken Nuggets, 😊

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