Igniting Inspiration Week #13 Unbroken Promises: He Will Prosper You

Good Sunday morning, lovely! (Or just Happy Sunday to others in different time zones ; D)

*sighs* Here we go.

Okay so this week, Igniting Inspiration is going to be a bit different.

(don’t worry, it’s a good different.)

Every week for the past 12 weeks, I have always looked forward to the Saturday morning when I can sit at the kitchen table eating pancakes for breakfast, and gather some beautiful quotes, and hilarious MEMES to bring sunshine to the lives of others! And it makes me so very happy seeing how much you all seem to love it, and look forward to it just as much as I do!

But recently I’ve been thinking, and I want to change up what I am doing with Igniting Inspiration. I absolutely love spreading happiness, and hope, and joy to others through amazing (and wonderfully aesthetic) quotes, but I have felt as if it wasn’t truly coming from my own heart, as if I was always just using somebody else’s words. Of course, I am a huge quote person and I love when you find that one quote that literally hits you right in the heart, but when I am showing light to others, I also want it to be through my very own heart, and words.

So, here we are.

You may or may not have noticed that this past week, I haven’t posted anything. Week #13 of Igniting Inspiration was supposed to be last Sunday, but I decided to take a break and reflect on the past 12 weeks of the series before I just jumped right into the next. (Life also got a little crazy, so a break for some time to myself and not having to worry about posting was really nice.) It got me thinking how I really wanted to change the series just a bit!

So, this week I am going to switch it up, and if I find I love it, then I will probably continue doing it this way for the rest of the time!

For Week #13 of Igniting Inspiration, I am going to be spreading encouragement and love from my very own heart through a short Bible study, on one specific topic. This weeks topic is going to be Unbroken Promises: He Will Prosper You. I plan on doing this topic as a series, and for the next few weeks I will do the topic of the unbroken promises of God!

I really felt like I needed to write about this, because I have personally been struggling with doubt, and have had real anxiety about what my future holds recently. To be completely honest I really get scared about these things, and it hurts not knowing the answer to many questions. But I have found great comfort in seeing the promises that God has for me, that he will never break.

As I am digging into these promises, I want to share them with you all, and bada-bing bada-boom! We have our own little group. 😊

I am no preacher. Just a girl who is discovering Jesus, and who wants you to discover him with her.

Oh, did you think I am just gonna completely forget about the quotes, and the MEMES?! Uh-uh, nooooooo sir! Haha, my love for quotes and MEMES shall never fade, so at the end of the post, I will still continue to include some lovely quotes, and hilarious MEMES! xD

(Srsly, what would Igniting Inspiration even BE without the MEMES amiright??)

Let’s go ahead and dive into this weeks promise! And don’t forget to stay till the end for some encouraging quotes, and the amazing MEMES for some laughs to kick off this new week! xD

Alright imma keep the Devo short and sweet for ya, so here we go! 😉

Unbroken Promises: He will Prosper You

Alright, who here has ever worried crazy about their future? … Mkay, anyone here ever felt afraid that their future won’t go as you have planned now? Anyone just been so scared about what they really want but may never get?

No, it’s okay! Be completely honest. Because I am standing right there with you sista.

I have definitely felt really weird about these things before, and still seem to do it all the time! I mean, I already have so many hopes and dreams and things about what my future may look like, and thinking about that makes us feel really good, doesn’t it? We start thinking “Oh God is definitely going to give me a happy life, and all of these amazing things and I will be happy no matter what!”

But then we start to doubt. We feel afraid of the thought that life isn’t going to have everything we want, and dream of. And that’s because it isn’t.

Life won’t have everything we want, and that really does suck but there is another promise God has given us in place of that. Actually, quite a few promises he has given us in place of that!

Just take a look right here at Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

In this verse, God is promising us that he has plans for us and he knows exactly what those plans are! He knows every itty bitty detail about what our future will look like, and he is in control of all of it! Our future will most likely look so very different from what we expect it to be, but we just have to remember that God is in all of it, and he does everything for our good. One of my favorite quotes is, “God wrecks your plans when he sees that your plans are about to wreck you.” And it is so true! God’s plans for us are always for our good, because that’s just how much he loves us.

When God tells us no to something we really want, we get pretty upset don’t we? I mean God promises us great things doesn’t he? Well, yes! He absolutely does! But the thing is, God promises us great and amazing things, but he never promises we will get exactly what we want. When God tells us no, or takes something away from us that we loved so much, he is using everything to guide us in the right direction! God’s “no” is not a rejection, its a redirection. So I can guarantee, it’s a very good thing whenever God tells us no. Sometimes, it’s a very good thing not getting what we wanted, because God still promises us something great. Greater than anything we ever dreamed of! We just have to realize, that we can’t have exactly what we want, and have Gods even better and amazing plans at the same time.

In all the years that I have lived, never once did a single thing go exactly as I thought it would.

And every single time, no matter how tough it was to get through the big and small, it all turned out great, and I was okay.

God also says in this verse, that he has plans to prosper, and not to harm us.

Lets look into the word prosper

Prosper, means to succeed, to bloom, flourish, to fly, thrive, grow, to live, to shoot up, to flower, do well, blossom, booming, to spread, to expand, advance, make a mark, to impact, go places, and to make good!

Does anybody else see what I am seeing? God is saying that he promises that we will succeed, we will bloom through it all, we will flourish, and fly, and thrive, and shoot up, and spread, and that we will make a mark in the world!

I really do believe, that God does want us to have a happy life. Even though our lives may seem to completely turn around, I think that no matter what God will give us happiness. I believe that God loves to see us when we are happy!

He promises us that we will flourish, and thrive, and bloom, and fly! I find that very comforting. God is saying that everything he does, is not to harm or to hurt or punish us! His decisions for our future our perfect in every way, and he does it all for our good. He promises us hope, and a beautiful future!

He promises that what he has for us, is perfect. Far better than what we may see as perfect, and we will be so grateful at some points that we actually didn’t get what we wanted but got what God wanted!

God knows so much better than we do. Sometimes I forget that simple fact but it’s so very true.

God has ruled over everything. The heavens and the earth, from the beginning of time. He has reigned over it for all eternity! So I think that in all the time he has watched this earth, compared to the very few years I’ve been here, then I think he must have seen a whooooole lot more than I can ever imagine! And, he has.

So, that concludes to say, that there is nothing that God hasn’t seen, heard, or felt. God watched it all, and he is in complete control no matter how crazy it may feel, I promise you that God has never let go of that steering wheel of life! Every single thing that happens, happens for a reason. It all happens for the greater good.

If you just trust him with all your heart and stand strong in your faith, and just let go of everything that has hurt you and hand it all to God, he will give you everything you are destined for. Everything that happens to you, is all meant to lead you back to him, and to make you stronger, and to prepare you for whats ahead.

There are so, so, so many things ahead, that you and I can’t even imagine right now. God is full of surprises, and I definitely believe God fits some humor in there too haha! We don’t know what tomorrow holds, it’s just something we can never comprehend. But we can trust that God has a perfectly perfect plan beyond our understanding, and it’s all going to work out. There are many things ahead, that even though I have no clue what they could be, I can’t wait to figure that out.

So hon’, Gods got this, okay? No matter how hurt you are, no matter how scared, no matter how doubtful you are, God is going to pull you through the fire. He is going to stand right next to you through it all. He is going to watch you bloom, and you will be happy, and joyous, you will fly, flourish, and thrive. And he loves you. He will never stop.

And that’s a promise.

Now, we are going to get onto the beautiful quotes for some extra encouragement and smiles! Lemme know which of the quotes is your favorite! ; D

Now, for the moment you have most likely been impatiently waiting for, I present to you…The lovely MEMES!

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So, have an amazing Sunday lovely! You deserve it! I can’t wait to chat with you all super soon, and until then, please enjoy these lovely MEMES. 😊

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Igniting Inspiration Week #10: Quotes of the Week to Ignite the Fire in Your Heart

Good Sunday Morning Lovely! I hope that your day is full of sunshine! ❤️ Ahhh it’s really great to be back.

So how are you today? What did you have for breakfast? Something you’re grateful for this week/today?

Once again, I am back with week #10 of the Igniting Inspiration series! I have gathered a handful of encouraging and inspirational quotes, along with some hilarious MEMES for some laughs to kick off the new week! I’m so excited for this new week. It’s a fresh start and it holds many things that I’ve never seen before! 😊

Alrighty, I hope these bring some light and love to your new week! And be sure to stay til the end for some laughs! 😝

*photos displayed are not my own unless listed otherwise*

Aren’t those beautiful? ❤️ I love it when there’s that one quote that absolutely speaks to your heart. Let me know if there’s anything I can pray for that’s happening in your life right now!

Okey dokey! Up next we have the amazing MEMES! Haha, as always I challenge you to go through all of these MEMES and try your hardest not to laugh! If you accomplish that, comment down below #Didn’tLaugh! And if you’re like me, and can’t keep in a giggle, then comment down below #TotallyFailedAtThidChallenge 😂 Don’t worry though dudes, there’s no shame in that.

Okay, are you ready? Alrighty, here we go!!

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Igniting Inspiration Week #9: Quotes of the Week to Ignite the Fire in Your Heart

Good Sunday morning y’all! I hope that your day is full of sunshine. ❤️ Today I am back with Week #9 of the Igniting Inspiration series! Like every week, I am going to be providing a handful of encouraging quotes, and some hilarious MEMES for some laughs to kick off the new week!

I absolutely love talking with you guys so I’d love to chat with you about this past week! What was something you did this week? Something you’ve been loving? Something you were extra grateful for? A special moment from this week? xD

Alright guys, here we go! Be sure to stay till the end for extra laughs!

*Once again, none of these images are my own unless listed otherwise*

I loved those so very much, how about you? ❤️ That feeling you have when you just happen to come across a quote or a bible verse and it speaks directly to your heart, Ahhh there’s nothing like it!

Okey dokey guys! You should know what time it is!

Haha I challenge you guys to go through all of these MEMES without laughing! If you accomplish that, then comment #DidntLaugh! And, if you can’t keep a single giggle in like me, then comment #TotallyFailedAtThisChallenge.

Don’t worry though pal *pats on the back*, I’m standing right there with ya. 😂

Ready? Set? GO!

Thanks to the lovely Allie for providing a few of these MEMES 😂❤️

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7 Day Phone Detox: The Benefits & My Experiences

I take a 7 day phone detox the last week of every month.

No pictures. No messages. No music. No editing. Nothing.

Yep, that’s right. For a full 7 days I don’t touch my phone at all. It sits on the dining room shelf and it stays there all week.

Here’s my post on why I do it, the huge benefits taking time away from our phones, and why you should try it!

We are all so attached to our phones, no matter how much we deny it. It becomes a habit and it ends up becoming a bad one, and it often wastes our time…. and ALOT OF IT.

Did you know that the average teen spends over 7 hours on their phones/socials every day? By the end of the week, the average teen would have spent over 49 hours on their phone! That’s more than 2 days worth of time!

At that rate, by the end of the year the average teen would have missed over 2,500 hours time of many other things they could have been doing. They could have been hiking, or reading a book, or studying, or drawing, or learning a new skill, or writing, or praying, or anything else in those 2,500 hours!

2,500 hours. That’s over 104 days worth of time wasted by the end of the year! There are 365 days in a year, and 104 days worth of time was just spent on a screen.

That time could have been used for so many other things, to make life better, more enjoyable. But, no. Instead, they were scrolling through their socials.

It makes me really sad seeing that some teens are just letting their lives pass right by them while their noses are sucked into a screen. And it often makes me really sad seeing these teens stuck on the phone, when they are right in front of eachother and don’t even bother to engage in conversation!

My parents have always been stricter than most with my phone time. But, over time it’s not only been their choice, but I’ve also accepted it as my own choice as well.

I have a time limit set on my phone (by my Mama) for 4 hours time a day. After that, my apps shut down and I can’t do anything on the phone, without a password only known by my Mom to unlock them.

I have rarely ever surpassed that time limit, and most people’s jaws drop when I say I spend a maximum of 2 hours on my phone every day! Which to be honest, 2 hours still seems like a lot and way too much time to me.

I don’t even have social media, not any. No Insta, no Snap, no VSCO, no Youtube, and no Pinterest. Once again, its not just my parents choice, but also mine. I don’t even want socials right now. Maybe later down the road I could make my own Pinterest account, or make an Insta, but not right now. Just awhile ago, I actually made the choice to delete YouTube completely off of my phone. I spent so much time on it, and it really started to bother me. And lemme tell ya, I don’t miss is at all.

Eventually, I will work on a post entirely on my thoughts and choices with social media.

Anyways, do you realize that 7 hours is actually over half of your entire day? And not only that, but a lot of girls actually admit that they’re normally on their phones at times like 3 am in the morning!

And they wonder why they have trouble sleeping?

Haha this post is in no way calling people out because if you struggle with phone attachment don’t worry! I still completely understand, and I know how hard it is to stay away from it!

But again, that doesn’t make it okay to let your phone get in the way of your health. Mental, and Physical.

Whenever I find myself getting super attached to my phone, like can’t-put-it-down-for-15-minutes-attached, then I know it’s time for a break.

So, at the end of every month, I take a one week phone break! For me, just taking a single day off of my phone is not enough, because I know the next day I’ll come straight back to it. After a full 7 days, I feel so very refreshed and I barely missed my phone at all!

After my break, I feel so good about myself and I can look back on my week and see all the things I’ve accomplished without my phone! During the week of not having my phone, it felt so good not having to worry about missing calls or texts and not worrying about always having it with me 24/7! Now i’m not saying in order to take a break it has to be 7 days, because you can take as much time as you want, and do whatever works for you!

I started seeing how attached I really was to my phone, when I started to notice whenever I was bored, I would immediately look for my phone. Or whenever I was first taking phone breaks, I kept catching myself reaching into my purse pocket for my phone out of habit, only to once again remember it wasn’t there.

Here are the top 5 benefits I have loved that have come out of taking nice 7 day phone breaks!


I have always found that in the mornings, and late nights, I have felt most productive. Those are the times when I actually want to clean my room, get school done, finish chores, do self care, and actually do so many other fun things! Ya know why? Because mornings, and late nights are when I don’t have my phone. During an entire week of phone freedom, I feel SO FREAKING PRODUCTIVE and it makes me feel really good! I got so many things done during my phone break, and it’s amazing.

Whenever I have my phone, I sometimes am guilty of being very lazy and unwise with my time. I’ve noticed sometimes that I tell myself early in the morning that I will definitely get this or that done later in the day, but once my phone is in my hands, all I want to do is sit down and spend hours on end on it. I used to tend to do that alot. So, when you don’t have your phone in your hand all the time, it really refreshes you, and helps you to use your time for so many better things!



Whenever you’re scrolling through your socials, how does it make you feel? How does it benefit your life or health? Often times, we can get sucked into social media out of boredom and all the sudden we start losing our positivity. This is often because of seeing other peoples lives in these perfect pictures and filters, and we start to compare our own lives to that. Always mindlessly scrolling through your socials can really break you down without you even realizing it. Doing this becomes a habit, which takes away from your time.

Staying away from socials for awhile can be really good for you! You are freeing yourself from the mindset of always having to have the perfect life like you see in all these other profiles, and it really gives you time for yourself. You get away from that which feeds into your mind negativity, and over time can tear you down completely.


I have always been a very creative person, but when I have my phone, I quite often find myself in a burnout stage. When I let go of my phone for awhile, I have actually found that that’s when so many ideas basically explode in my mind! I can get so much inspiration, and ideas, and artsy things outside of my phone. Just stepping away for awhile has actually helped me so much to brainstorm, and I have written down so many creative things and ideas from it!


I feel so very independent and strong whenever I have stepped away from my phone! It’s crazy how phone attachment can actually make you feel so chained down, and unable to do things on your own. You feel like you always need it to do everything, and just letting go of that really makes you see how much you can actually do on your own. You get super dependent on your device, and and without realizing it you make it basically your entire world.

I have been so proud of myself and been able to love myself so much more seeing all the great things I can do, and the amazing choice that I made by myself to stop holding on to my phone so tight.


And finally, stepping away from your screen allows you to live presently. When we’re sucked into our phones, we very much tend to let our lives fly by without even taking notice of it. There are so many amazing, and even not so amazing things happening in this real world right now that we are completely missing. And even if you’re there, doesn’t mean you aren’t missing out.

Don’t worry about taking pictures while you’re there! Try living in the moment and just take in the beauty, and happiness of it all right now! Of course, I am pretty sure that we all love a good selfie or an aesthetic photograph to look back on later, or share. But you shouldn’t be worried about being able to look back on the good times with a photograph, when you weren’t truly enjoying the good times at all.

Thank you guys so much for checking out the latest here on Sunshine & Rain! I very much enjoyed creating this, and can’t wait to create more. I also can’t wait to chat with you guys, and definitely let me know your thoughts on this post! I love you guys a bunch, and I’ll see ya again very soon!

I hope you feel pretty today, keep smiling lovely ; )

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How to Create the Best Morning & Night Routine For You

How to Create the Best Morning & Night Routine Routine for You: + My Summer Morning Routine

You’re scrolling through YouTube, and you come upon a video with the title “My Morning Routine.” You watch the video all the way through, and this person seems to have literally the perfect ideal morning routine. They get out of bed early with no trouble, they make the healthiest breakfast possible, do their daily tasks, and stay as clean and organized as can be. They seem to get everything done in order, and the morning breezes by so easily for them.

…Andddd here you are, struggling to even get out bed, managing to throw together a decent breakfast, and the rest of the day just goes however it chooses to go from there. Why do their mornings go so perfectly and yours just, don’t?

Lemme share a little secret. Nobody’s routine goes exactly the same every single day, and everybody has their own ideal routine that works amazingly just for them, even though it may not work for someone else.

I used to be super intimidated by seeing all these other teen girls sharing their own amazing morning & night routines, and seeing that my day just wasn’t like that. Well, what I didn’t realize was that my routine wasn’t supposed to be the same as someone else’s. Everybody has a unique routine that will help keep everything organized, cleaned up, stress free, healthy, and will give your day a great start and end.

I myself use these exact steps to create and switch up my own routines, and I guarantee that they are super easy and it’s so much fun creating an amazing Morning, and Night routine just for you! Making a fresh, new routine for anything is so healthy, and it’ll make everything so much more enjoyable. : ) So you don’t need to stress over your mornings & nights being unorganized, or just uninteresting! Today I am here to help you out with my complete guide to creating the best routines you can. Use these simple steps to create the perfect morning routine, night routine, or both, just for you!

Alrighty, let’s go! 😉

Step 1. Visualize

By this, I mean to visualize what you want in your routine, and why you are making a new, better one. Are you doing this because you want to be healthier? Better organized? Less stressed? More free time? You are going to want to base your new morning, or night routine off of these things, because this will help with adding and taking away things from your ideal routine. You may want to write these things down. Actually, making a new routine can help so much with all of these things! Once you have visualized what you want the outcome to be, it’s time for the next step.

Step 2. Lay Out

Grab a pen, and paper, and start with scribbling down all of the absolutely necessary things in your routine. Things like making breakfast, brushing your teeth, getting dressed, making your bed, doing whatever work is to be done, and whatever other obvious things that are always apart of your morning or night routine. Once you’ve done that, you should now add the things you would like to include in your new routine that you didn’t have before. Like making a new time to wake up and go to bed, getting in some exercise, time for writing, staying away from your phone, bible study, spending time outside, making your bed, what tine etc.

Be sure to take note of things that need to be done in the morning and at night. Pick a good fitting time of morning that you want to wake up. For example, if you have work at 6:00 am and you want extra time to do things before you leave, you may want to set your alarm for a few hours earlier, rather than 30 minutes before you have to get out the door. Or if you just have schoolwork, or an early day event, just try and wake up as early as you can, while still getting plenty of rest.

The whole point of making a great routine just for you is to make time for yourself, take everything slow, still manage time well, and to start and end your day in the best way possible!

Step 3. Organize It

Look at all the random scribblings you have written down of all the things you need to have in your routine, along with the things you want to add/take away from it, and start organizing those in order of exactly how you want your routine to go. Try and make sure you are very SPECIFIC. Instead of just listing “Self Care”, try listing it as “Brush Hair, Shower, & Do nails.” This isn’t necessary, but it does help me to be more organized and envision what I need!

Example routine list:

  • Wake up at 4:30 am (Stay off of phone!)
  • Daily devotion in bed
  • Make a good breakfast
  • Hop in shower with music
  • Brush teeth & Do hair
  • Get dressed
  • Look over to do list
  • Work for 1 hour
  • Take a break and come back to it

And the list goes on from there! One thing that I like to do with my routines, is to be very flexible. It does get kind of boring doing the exact same things every single day, so I like to be as flexible as possible and switch it up sometimes!

Example would be, one morning I do Prayer, Breakfast, self care, and then start on schoolwork. Then, if I want to make things a little different, another morning I’ll switch up that order a bit! It keeps things interesting whilst still staying in order, so I definitely recommend switching up the order of your written routine to experiment a little with how things work. Just use the different orders of your routine to switch it up some days!

And that’s how you create an amazing routine just for you folks! You should now have your own unique routine, that works great around your daily life! I really hope that these tips helped you out, totally let me know if you have any questions and give me your thoughts on this!

Now, onto the final part of this post. 😉

My Peaceful & Productive Summer Morning Routine:

  • Peacefully and slowly wake up at 7:00, and drink water first thing.

I just love the feeling of peacefully opening your eyes and seeing the morning light peeking through your windows. I love knowing and feeling that God calmly and slowly woke me up for another morning, just with his gentle whisper. (Well, that and my alarm going off.) It’s so soothing to sit up in bed and just acknowledge how beautiful a new day is. I drink water first thing in the morning because you go a very long time through the night without water, so it’s very good to hydrate when you wake.

  • Jesus Time (Thank him for waking me up, and just talk with him in bed.)

I like to sit in my bed, and start my day off with talking to Jesus. It really brings me such joy and peace to be able to have a conversation with him, and know he’s listening to every word. Jesus is my best friend, and I love taking time to pour my heart out to him.

  • Open my blinds & windows. Grab my bible, and notebook, and do some peaceful morning bible study on my floor or in my beanbag chair by the window.

I love that moment in the morning when you get to open your windows and you just get this beautiful explosion of calm light. If it’s warm outside, I like to open my windows to let air and the sounds of the morning in. I love sitting by my window or spread out on my floor to do bible study, I normally read my chapters on my daily bible reading schedule, and take notes on things that stood out to me.

  • Put up my hair, and hop in the shower with my morning worship playlist.

I put my hair up in bun, and hop in the shower to wash up. I don’t actually wash my hair every day and you can check out my post right here about it! I also love having some morning worship music playing from my speaker.

  • Clean my face, and moisturize skin.

To clean my face, I use witch hazel. It helps get rid of extra oils, blemishes and red spots, and it feels really soothing and replenishing to your skin! I also like to use a little bit of lotion on my skin to moisturize it.

  • Get dressed, brush out and do my hair, & put on mascara.

I’m trying to get into the habit of picking out my outfits the night before, because I gotta admit it does sometimes take awhile for me to pick my OTD haha! I then take down my hair, and brush it all out. If i’m feeling super productive, i’ll even do something with my hair other than just leaving it down, and i’ll put on some mascara.

  • Do nail care if needed. File, trim, and moisturize nails.

My nails and cuticles get super dry, which slows my nail growth, and makes my nails super brittle! So I like to use a Tea tree oil nail saver to moisturize, and strengthen my nails. Sometimes i’ll paint them too, to keep them protected.

  • Sit in front of my mirror, and recite my positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations really boost my confidence and thoughts in the mornings. I like to sit in front of my mirror by the window, and look myself in the eyes while reciting my positive affirmations aloud. They really bring me joy, peace, and self esteem for my day. I am currently working on writing about the effects of positive affirmations, as an upcoming post.

  • Make a healthy and hearty breakfast, & say good morning to Tanky Baby. ❤️ (my Doggo)

I love having a delicious breakfast. My breakfast usually consists of things like yogurt and granola, sausage, sweet potato, zucchini, brussel sprouts, caramelized onions, eggs, toast, mushrooms, strawberries, bananas, and alot more. Haha, I know it probably sounds super weird to be having that kind of stuff for breakfast, but it is so good to have alot of colors on your plate!

  • Make tea, & Start my schoolwork at the kitchen table.

I occasionally like to treat myself with some tea while I work on my schoolwork. I boil the water, let the tea packet seep for awhile, add maple syrup and cashew milk, then pour it over ice in another cup.

  • Take a brain break halfway through school, and go spend time outside.

Taking breaks in between work is really beneficial for me. I can get really frustrated with schoolwork sometimes, and taking a break helps me with that. Getting outside as well really clears my head and freshens my mind so I can come back to work and be focused. When i’m outside I either bike, skate around the street, or sit and write in the sunshine.

  • Finish my Schoolwork, & put it away.

Once I’m finished with my main work, I put all my supplies away and start on my other daily work!

  • Put on my headphones, make my bed, clean up my room, & start on daily chores

Chores are so much more enjoyable when you’ve got a nice bop playing! I always have my headphones with me when I’m cleaning up. I start with picking up my bedroom, and then doing the other chores i’m assigned to that day.

  • Free time! No phone until later.

After this is mostly free time to myself, and I like to wait until about early afternoon before I grab my phone. Staying away from my phone for awhile gives me room for creativity throughout my day! Sometimes at this point i’ll work on blogging, or get some other small things done on my to do list.

Thanks a bunch for checking out my latest post here on Sunshine & Rain! I’d love to chat with you guys down below, and totally let me know your thoughts on this. I really enjoyed putting this together, and I can’t wait to start working on the next upload. xD Have a nice day beautiful, you deserve it. See ya later dudes! ✌❤

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