Blogmas Day #25: A white Christmas

Hello and good evening my lovely people, and Merry Christmas!!

Today I just wanted to pop in to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, instead of doing a big post today. But be expecting a post on Everything I got for Christmas tomorrow! xD

It has been such an amazing day for me, and I hope it’s been the same and more for you. Definitely let me know what you did to celebrate the holidays because I would love to hear about it! It actually snowed today and that made it so much more beautiful, and it was so nice to have a white Christmas this year.

Also, I can’t believe that this is our last day of Blogmas here on Sunshine & Rain, and I will definitely miss it so much. Thank you guys so much for all of your love and support through all 25 days of Blogmas, you guys are truly amazing.

Like I said I just wanted to pop in really quick so I wish you all a very Merry rest of your Christmas, and I will se you guys again very soon.

Have a wonderful night, and I wish you sweet dreams. *blows kisses* 😘

Happy Holidays, and Happy Birthday Jesus! 😊❤️

Blogmas Day #24: Christmas Eve Adventures


Hello my lovely little jelly beans! I hope your day has been absolutely wonderful, and welcome to Blogmas Day #24! Ahhh oh my goodness I cannot believe that tomorrow is our last day of Blogmas here on Sunshine & Rain *sigh* But I am SO EXCITED that tomorrow is CHRISTMAS!! Guys like you don’t even know how excited I am. I could literally pee myself. I am definitely going to miss Blogmas, but it will also be a relief to not have to commit to posting every single day haha!

Well, today is going to be a rather short post. I am here just to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and to share with you what we did with some family this evening. 😊

Tonight we had my Aunt & Uncle (on my Moms side) over for some yummy dinner and brownies, and we all exchanged gifts! I am so stuffed with food, and opening gifts was so much fun. (I can’t wait to wake up and open more tomorrow xD)

I always enjoy spending time with my family, and tonight has been really great. 😊

Pictured at the top of this post was the pleasingly aesthetic wrapped package that my gift was in from my Aunt & Uncle, and I couldn’t not take a picture to appreciate the beauty of before tearing it apart haha!

Here is was I got from my Aunt & Uncle tonight! 😉

Thank you so very much to Aunt Tiff & Uncle Nate for the lovely gifts ❤️ I love them so much!

And thank you guys for being so amazing and checking out the latest here on Sunshine & Rain! I shall hopefully return tomorrow with the last day of Blogmas, and I say hopefully because tomorrow is going to be super busy for us. So if I don’t post tomorrow, I will be sure to post the day after 😊

Guys, I am so excited for Christmas and I cannot believe that it’s already here. I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas Eve, and have a lovely day tomorrow. Have a beautiful rest of your night, and I wish you sweet dreams as you fall asleep tonight to rest before a big day tomorrow.

*blows kisses* Happy Holidays! 😘

Blogmas Day #3: Christmas 2020 Teen Girl Gift Inspo (12/3/20)

Good evening my lovely people, and welcome to Day #3 of Blogmas here on Sunshine & Rain! (Guys, I seriously can’t believe there’s only 22 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS.) I know it’s only day 3 of Blogmas but I am proud to STILL BE GOING STRONG!

Today I am super excited to bring you a BIG OLE’ post full of some Teen Girl (or young womens) Gift Inspo for this Christmas! This is also partially my own Christmas wishlist this year, but I have also added in a few other things that any teen girl would enjoy. ; D You can use this as inspo for your fellow girlfriends out there, your own wishlist, or even as inspo for all those Moms of teen girls out there! Most of these gift ideas are actually pretty trendy right now, and I as a teen girl think they are absolutely adorable!

Alright, we’re gonna go rapid fire just spurting a bunch of random ideas out there because I am running out of time aaaaaaand I don’t really feel like organizing these into categories, so enjoy. 😁

  • Lap Desk for Reading/Writing
I would definitely love to have a nice lap desk for reading or writing in the coziness of my bed!
  • Back rest pillow for bed
  • Vintage typewriter
  • Cute Beanie
  • Instax camera & camera film
  • Cute mugs w/ some herbal tea
  • Comfy sweater or chunky knit cardigan
  • Some nice panties
  • Brio Magazine Subscription
Definitely love receiving my new Brio mag every couple months!
  • Essential oils diffuser w/ natural oils
  • New lip balm
  • Bullet journal or any notebooks
I myself just absolutely love having any notebooks at all, so many ways to fill them! ❤
  • Natural cosmetics
  • Fuzzy socks
  • Vans skate shoes
  • Salt lamp or desk lamp
  • Fairy lights
  • A reading light (clip on)
  • Some nice pens
  • A big fat blanket
A big warm chunky knit blanket. um. yes please.
  • Headphones
  • Mini backpack
  • A nice wallet
Any girl could use a nice wallet
  • Cute Water bottle
  • Yoga mat
  • Throw pillows
  • Portable phone charger
  • Lightbox or Letterboard
  • Henna Tattoo kit
  • Cute nail polish
  • Dry erase calendar
  • Jewelry box
  • Heatable plushie
  • Metal travel straw
  • Record player & record vinyls
  • Portable bluetooth speaker
  • Scrunchies & extra hair ties
  • Comfy slippers
  • Rainbow loom rubber band bracelet kit
Oh yes. I actually love these things.

Did you get any good ideas from this list? Let me know!

Welp, thanks a bunch for checking out the latest here on Sunshine & Rain! I really enjoyed putting this post together for Blogmas Day #3, and I hope you enjoyed reading it! If you did enjoy, be sure to subscribe to the blog to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the upcoming content xD

Love you guys lots! I’ll see you again tomorrow 😉 *blows kisses*

Your Vote Matters: Choose With Your Heart

Today is November 3rd, 2020. Today is Election Day.

I need you to know that your vote matters. Your vote is helping to determine how this country is going to be run for the next 4 years.

This is a very anxious time for everybody. I feel like I’ve been really quiet about this, but I think we all know that life this year has been insane. I mean absolutely insane.

In all the years that I have been here on this earth, 2020 has by far been the most strange, terrifying, stressful, and painful year I have experienced. I am sure that many people have also felt that way.

Nobody has been able to control which way this year goes at all, and it’s been so stressful.

But this is your chance you use your voice for the better.

Your vote, has power. Your vote is completely your choice and yours only. That’s the whole purpose of a vote, to give people a choice.

As true as that is, I just want to tell you, that you should vote with your heart. Many people have already voted by now, but if you haven’t, I strongly encourage you to go do it.

When you do vote, you should vote for what you believe in, not for who you like.

It’s okay not to like somebody. Nobody is perfect. But if that person can really give something good to this country, then vote for that. Please, don’t vote just out of emotions.

Stand up, and use your voice to vote for what this country needs.

I was pretty hesitant about sharing this at first, but I am going to share who we are voting for this year. I mean, I am not old enough to personally go and vote yet, but this would be my choice.

This year, we are voting for President Trump.

There are many different reasons why we are voting for him, and we are voting with our hearts. President Trump has been a pretty phenomenal leader for this country. He clearly loves God, and wants all of the good for this country and it’s people. He stands up against things that we don’t believe in, such as the killing of children in the womb, (Please check out my post on Abortion Here) and many other things.

Trump clearly cares about the country, and I feel that he has done amazingly in working towards keeping our beautiful country the way it should be.

I would say that I’m not telling you who you should vote for, but actually, I am.

If you want to work further towards keeping our country great, then I encourage you to vote for Trump. I’m not just some young girl proclaiming this because my parents and friends are, if I had the ability to vote right now, he would absolutely be my choice.

Once again, it’s okay not to like somebody. But please dear, don’t vote for someone else just because you have a higher opinion of them.

Trump has done many amazing things for this country, and I know he will continue to as well. Just look up Trump Administration Accomplishments, and you’ll see multiple things he has done for the benefit of the US just since his election!

I wanted to keep this short, but overall say the same thing.

Vote with your heart.

Vote for what is right, pure, and good.

Vote for what will keep this country safe, and beautiful.

Vote for what you choose hon’

But please. Be sure you make the right choice.

Igniting Inspiration Week #13 Unbroken Promises: He Will Prosper You

Good Sunday morning, lovely! (Or just Happy Sunday to others in different time zones ; D)

*sighs* Here we go.

Okay so this week, Igniting Inspiration is going to be a bit different.

(don’t worry, it’s a good different.)

Every week for the past 12 weeks, I have always looked forward to the Saturday morning when I can sit at the kitchen table eating pancakes for breakfast, and gather some beautiful quotes, and hilarious MEMES to bring sunshine to the lives of others! And it makes me so very happy seeing how much you all seem to love it, and look forward to it just as much as I do!

But recently I’ve been thinking, and I want to change up what I am doing with Igniting Inspiration. I absolutely love spreading happiness, and hope, and joy to others through amazing (and wonderfully aesthetic) quotes, but I have felt as if it wasn’t truly coming from my own heart, as if I was always just using somebody else’s words. Of course, I am a huge quote person and I love when you find that one quote that literally hits you right in the heart, but when I am showing light to others, I also want it to be through my very own heart, and words.

So, here we are.

You may or may not have noticed that this past week, I haven’t posted anything. Week #13 of Igniting Inspiration was supposed to be last Sunday, but I decided to take a break and reflect on the past 12 weeks of the series before I just jumped right into the next. (Life also got a little crazy, so a break for some time to myself and not having to worry about posting was really nice.) It got me thinking how I really wanted to change the series just a bit!

So, this week I am going to switch it up, and if I find I love it, then I will probably continue doing it this way for the rest of the time!

For Week #13 of Igniting Inspiration, I am going to be spreading encouragement and love from my very own heart through a short Bible study, on one specific topic. This weeks topic is going to be Unbroken Promises: He Will Prosper You. I plan on doing this topic as a series, and for the next few weeks I will do the topic of the unbroken promises of God!

I really felt like I needed to write about this, because I have personally been struggling with doubt, and have had real anxiety about what my future holds recently. To be completely honest I really get scared about these things, and it hurts not knowing the answer to many questions. But I have found great comfort in seeing the promises that God has for me, that he will never break.

As I am digging into these promises, I want to share them with you all, and bada-bing bada-boom! We have our own little group. 😊

I am no preacher. Just a girl who is discovering Jesus, and who wants you to discover him with her.

Oh, did you think I am just gonna completely forget about the quotes, and the MEMES?! Uh-uh, nooooooo sir! Haha, my love for quotes and MEMES shall never fade, so at the end of the post, I will still continue to include some lovely quotes, and hilarious MEMES! xD

(Srsly, what would Igniting Inspiration even BE without the MEMES amiright??)

Let’s go ahead and dive into this weeks promise! And don’t forget to stay till the end for some encouraging quotes, and the amazing MEMES for some laughs to kick off this new week! xD

Alright imma keep the Devo short and sweet for ya, so here we go! 😉

Unbroken Promises: He will Prosper You

Alright, who here has ever worried crazy about their future? … Mkay, anyone here ever felt afraid that their future won’t go as you have planned now? Anyone just been so scared about what they really want but may never get?

No, it’s okay! Be completely honest. Because I am standing right there with you sista.

I have definitely felt really weird about these things before, and still seem to do it all the time! I mean, I already have so many hopes and dreams and things about what my future may look like, and thinking about that makes us feel really good, doesn’t it? We start thinking “Oh God is definitely going to give me a happy life, and all of these amazing things and I will be happy no matter what!”

But then we start to doubt. We feel afraid of the thought that life isn’t going to have everything we want, and dream of. And that’s because it isn’t.

Life won’t have everything we want, and that really does suck but there is another promise God has given us in place of that. Actually, quite a few promises he has given us in place of that!

Just take a look right here at Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

In this verse, God is promising us that he has plans for us and he knows exactly what those plans are! He knows every itty bitty detail about what our future will look like, and he is in control of all of it! Our future will most likely look so very different from what we expect it to be, but we just have to remember that God is in all of it, and he does everything for our good. One of my favorite quotes is, “God wrecks your plans when he sees that your plans are about to wreck you.” And it is so true! God’s plans for us are always for our good, because that’s just how much he loves us.

When God tells us no to something we really want, we get pretty upset don’t we? I mean God promises us great things doesn’t he? Well, yes! He absolutely does! But the thing is, God promises us great and amazing things, but he never promises we will get exactly what we want. When God tells us no, or takes something away from us that we loved so much, he is using everything to guide us in the right direction! God’s “no” is not a rejection, its a redirection. So I can guarantee, it’s a very good thing whenever God tells us no. Sometimes, it’s a very good thing not getting what we wanted, because God still promises us something great. Greater than anything we ever dreamed of! We just have to realize, that we can’t have exactly what we want, and have Gods even better and amazing plans at the same time.

In all the years that I have lived, never once did a single thing go exactly as I thought it would.

And every single time, no matter how tough it was to get through the big and small, it all turned out great, and I was okay.

God also says in this verse, that he has plans to prosper, and not to harm us.

Lets look into the word prosper

Prosper, means to succeed, to bloom, flourish, to fly, thrive, grow, to live, to shoot up, to flower, do well, blossom, booming, to spread, to expand, advance, make a mark, to impact, go places, and to make good!

Does anybody else see what I am seeing? God is saying that he promises that we will succeed, we will bloom through it all, we will flourish, and fly, and thrive, and shoot up, and spread, and that we will make a mark in the world!

I really do believe, that God does want us to have a happy life. Even though our lives may seem to completely turn around, I think that no matter what God will give us happiness. I believe that God loves to see us when we are happy!

He promises us that we will flourish, and thrive, and bloom, and fly! I find that very comforting. God is saying that everything he does, is not to harm or to hurt or punish us! His decisions for our future our perfect in every way, and he does it all for our good. He promises us hope, and a beautiful future!

He promises that what he has for us, is perfect. Far better than what we may see as perfect, and we will be so grateful at some points that we actually didn’t get what we wanted but got what God wanted!

God knows so much better than we do. Sometimes I forget that simple fact but it’s so very true.

God has ruled over everything. The heavens and the earth, from the beginning of time. He has reigned over it for all eternity! So I think that in all the time he has watched this earth, compared to the very few years I’ve been here, then I think he must have seen a whooooole lot more than I can ever imagine! And, he has.

So, that concludes to say, that there is nothing that God hasn’t seen, heard, or felt. God watched it all, and he is in complete control no matter how crazy it may feel, I promise you that God has never let go of that steering wheel of life! Every single thing that happens, happens for a reason. It all happens for the greater good.

If you just trust him with all your heart and stand strong in your faith, and just let go of everything that has hurt you and hand it all to God, he will give you everything you are destined for. Everything that happens to you, is all meant to lead you back to him, and to make you stronger, and to prepare you for whats ahead.

There are so, so, so many things ahead, that you and I can’t even imagine right now. God is full of surprises, and I definitely believe God fits some humor in there too haha! We don’t know what tomorrow holds, it’s just something we can never comprehend. But we can trust that God has a perfectly perfect plan beyond our understanding, and it’s all going to work out. There are many things ahead, that even though I have no clue what they could be, I can’t wait to figure that out.

So hon’, Gods got this, okay? No matter how hurt you are, no matter how scared, no matter how doubtful you are, God is going to pull you through the fire. He is going to stand right next to you through it all. He is going to watch you bloom, and you will be happy, and joyous, you will fly, flourish, and thrive. And he loves you. He will never stop.

And that’s a promise.

Now, we are going to get onto the beautiful quotes for some extra encouragement and smiles! Lemme know which of the quotes is your favorite! ; D

Now, for the moment you have most likely been impatiently waiting for, I present to you…The lovely MEMES!

I challenge you to get through all of these without laughing! If you accomplish that, then comment down below #NotAGiggle!

And if you’re more like me, and can’t keep in a laugh for the life of you, then comment down below #…lotsagiggles! xD

So, I am going to bid my farewells now, and let you move onto the MEMES and end it right there! (So it’ll be more dramatic 😉)

Thank you so much for checking out the latest here on Sunshine & Rain! Be sure to Subscribe to the blog as well, to become apart of the #GummyBearFam! (Yep I changed it! I figured I should change it from #ChickenNuggetFam considering we now have our own Chickens as pets, and ya’know, I wouldn’t want to offend them 😝 I also have respect for my fellow Vegan and Vegetarian friends out there, so I figured that Gummy Bears would be a really cute name for you guys! 😁

So, have an amazing Sunday lovely! You deserve it! I can’t wait to chat with you all super soon, and until then, please enjoy these lovely MEMES. 😊

Okay, ready? Set…GO!!

(This is basically the grand finale of the post xD)

literally me tho.

See! I told you! Super dramatic 😉

Igniting Inspiration Week #12: Quotes of the Week to Ignite the Fire in Your Heart

Hello beautiful people! It’s Hailey here, and I am back with Week #12 of the Igniting Inspiration series! As usual, I have a collection of some encouraging quotes, and MEMES for some good laughs to kick off the new week!

I’m so excited to see what this new week holds, and we can never know because it holds things we’ve never seen before! Isn’t that amazing? What are you excited for this week?

Alrighty, please enjoy these quotes full of inspiration and encouragement! Also be sure to stay till the end for some laughs! ; D

*images displayed are not my own unless listed otherwise*

Beautiful quotes right? I love when you have that one quote that speaks directly to your heart, did any of these do that for you?

Haha okay now here we go onto the lovely MEMES! As always, I challenge you to go through all of these and try your hardest not to laugh, and if you accomplish that, comment down below #NotAGiggle! Andddd if you are like me, and crack up at everything, then comment down below #…lotsagiggles! 😂

Got it? Okay, here we go!

Did you laugh? xD

Haha, thanks so much for checking out the latest here on Sunshine & Rain, and be sure to subscribe to the blog to make sure you don’t miss out on any amazing future content!

Can’t wait to chat loves, have a beautiful Sunday, and a beautiful week ❤️ ; )

Igniting Inspiration Week #11: Quotes of the Week to Ignite the Fire in Your Heart

Happy Sunday lovely! How are you today? What did you have for breakfast? What are your plans for the day? I’d love to hear all about it!

As you can see, we are back with Week #11 of the Igniting Inspiration series! As always, I have gotten together some beautiful and inspiring quotes, as well as some hilarious MEMES for some laughs to kick off this new week! I am very excited to see what this week holds, because we really can never know!

Okey dokey, you may go read! ; D And don’t forget to stay til the end for some laughs!

Ahhh, I am a huge quote person. I love it when you find that one quote that speaks directly to your heart. ❤

Nowww, to close out this post, we have the lovely MEMES! Oh my goodness I cracked up at all of these, so of course i’ve already lost the usual try not to laugh challenge, but you can still do it! As always, if you are able to go through all of these MEMES and not laugh, then simply comment down below #NotAGiggle! (Yep, I changed it! xD) And if you’re like me, and can’t keep in a giggle for the life of you, then comment down below #…lotsagiggles xD This weeks MEMES had a sort of animal theme, and I thought these were hilarious!

Alrighty, simple enough right? Okay, here we go!

How girls take pictures:

Hahaha, that’s it for today loves! Thanks for checking out the latest here on Sunshine & Rain, and I really hope you enjoyed! I know I definitely enjoyed putting it all together, and I can’t wait til I see y’all again! Have a beautiful Sunday, and an even more beautiful week. ; D

My Autumn & Winter 2020 Bucket List + Adorable Photoshoot/Autumn Aesthetics

Hiya hiya loves! Happy FRIDAY AND AHHHHHH. CAN YOU BELIEVE ITS AUTUMN?! (normally i would say “fall” but i use “autumn” because i feel like i love it so much more) Tis’ the season to finally whip out the sweatpants, crunch on the leaves, and sip some delicious apple cider by the fire!

To be honest guys, Autumn is my favorite season. Like EVER. I absolutely love this season so much, and as badly as a will miss the lovely summer days, I am so very excited for what this new season has in store!

Today I am here with my Autumn & Winter 2020 Bucket list, along with an adorable photoshoot with me and one of my dearest friends, Allie! You remember her right? xD You can totally check out her blog right here, @AllieGoWithTheWaves and I promise you you’ll love it!

We had SO MUCH FUN this past week hanging out over at her house, getting some delicious starbiesss, and taking an adorable photoshoot at a local nature trail! I’m also including some really cute Autumn aesthetics just to bring in the whole vibe of it!

Anyways, Haha you may be wondering why am I doing a Winter Bucket list too? Well, I actually make only two separate bucket lists a year, by combining my Bucket list for Spring & Summer, and for Autumn & Winter! I love putting them together because it gives me a beautiful overview of the upcoming seasons!

Okey dokey, feel free to use my Autumn/Winter bucket list as inspiration for your own! And enjoy the season aesthetics, and photoshoot! ; D

Hailey’s Autumn & Winter 2020 Bucket List + Adorable Photoshoot

I absolutely love this one!! Aghhh, I loved taking all of our pictures at a gorgeous nature trail!
  • Drink Apple Cider
  • Jump in a pile of leaves
  • Curl up in a warm blanket burrito
  • Read lots of books in bed
  • Go thrifting/Autumn & Winter Wardrobe shopping
  • CONFIDENTLY rock my ADORABLE wardrobe
  • Make gluten free treats
  • Have an amazing Halloween costume
  • Stargaze with a blanket
  • Climb a tree
Awww my heart melts every time I see this one! It’s by far my favorite!
  • Learn some cute hairstyles
  • Collect and press pretty leaves
  • Wear cozy sweaters, fuzzy socks, and everything else that’s soft
  • Take aesthetic and supa cute pictures
  • Eat pumpkin pie
I am in LOVE with this picture!! Thanks to the lovely lady in the back which is Allies sweet Mama, who kindly took most of the pictures, and drove us there ; D
  • Cuddle with Tanky Baby
  • Take a trip somewhere
  • Go to a bonfire & make s’mores
  • Learn some new hairstyles
  • Go to the library/book store
  • Drink hot cocoa
  • Dance in the rain & listen to thunder rumble at night
  • Skateboard in the sunset
  • Wear my adorable beanie
  • Take a road trip
Yep. We love our shoe pictures xD
  • Watch the stars from the car window
  • Basically thrive in sweatpants
  • Attend a Fall Festival
  • Build an EPIC blanket and pillow fort and make it my cozy hideout
  • Create new morning & nighttime routines
  • Go on morning walks
  • Take a bike ride down a trail
  • Go on a hay ride
  • Make a Thanksgiving treat
  • Eat kettle corn
Oh my goodness I captured this at the perfect moment! The way her hair flows is just so pretty ; D
  • Go sledding
  • Make a mini snowman
  • Whip out the mini tree, ornaments, lights, and holiday decor
  • Family/friends game night
  • Take a warm bath
Oh my goodness isn’t this girl just pure beautiful?? ❤
  • Create a Christmas wishlist
  • Watch Christmas movies
  • Wear my adorable beanie
  • Take a drive around to see Christmas lights
  • Go to a Christmas event
Soooo cuuuuute!
  • Make Christmas cookies
  • Create my awesome annual Christmas playlist
  • Make a Christmas countdown (gosh everything is holiday related)
  • Sit by the window and watch snow fall
  • DIY a snow globe from a jar/bottle
Ahhhh I love this one! I didn’t even know Allie took it and I love it haha!
  • Light some lovely candles
  • Fill an Operation Christmas Child shoe box
  • Make a wreath (and soooooo many other crafty things)
  • Have an seriously EPIC snowball fight (more like snowball WAR)
  • Make sure my friend Aiden, and my sister Eliyah have amazing birthdays
  • Have tons of fun with bullet journaling
Again, we just love our shoe pics.

And there ya have it! That is my complete Autumn & Winter Bucket List, along with our quite adorable photoshoot. xD

But wait, don’t go yet! I still have some supa cute Autumn Aesthetics to share with you guys! Dudes, Pinterest is like my second home, and just a disclaimer that is where all of these photos came from! Alrighty, enjoy haha!

*sighs heavily* Those are my favorite Autumn aesthetics, it just gives me such a happy vibe looking at it! Welp, thanks a bunch as always for checking out the latest here on Sunshine & Rain! I’d love it if you dropped me a comment and let me know how you enjoyed this post, because you guys have no idea how much I love talking with you!

I will see you super soon guys, I can’t wait to see you again! Let me know down below, do you prefer sweaters, or hoodies? Do you love leggings, or sweatpants more? What are 5 (or more) things that you are super excited for this season? Have an amazing day lovely, happy Autumn! ; D ❤

Igniting Inspiration Week #10: Quotes of the Week to Ignite the Fire in Your Heart

Good Sunday Morning Lovely! I hope that your day is full of sunshine! ❤️ Ahhh it’s really great to be back.

So how are you today? What did you have for breakfast? Something you’re grateful for this week/today?

Once again, I am back with week #10 of the Igniting Inspiration series! I have gathered a handful of encouraging and inspirational quotes, along with some hilarious MEMES for some laughs to kick off the new week! I’m so excited for this new week. It’s a fresh start and it holds many things that I’ve never seen before! 😊

Alrighty, I hope these bring some light and love to your new week! And be sure to stay til the end for some laughs! 😝

*photos displayed are not my own unless listed otherwise*

Aren’t those beautiful? ❤️ I love it when there’s that one quote that absolutely speaks to your heart. Let me know if there’s anything I can pray for that’s happening in your life right now!

Okey dokey! Up next we have the amazing MEMES! Haha, as always I challenge you to go through all of these MEMES and try your hardest not to laugh! If you accomplish that, comment down below #Didn’tLaugh! And if you’re like me, and can’t keep in a giggle, then comment down below #TotallyFailedAtThidChallenge 😂 Don’t worry though dudes, there’s no shame in that.

Okay, are you ready? Alrighty, here we go!!

LOL IM DEAD. IM SORRY I JUST CANT. 🤣 Did you laugh? Let me know down in the comments!

You guys, I literally had so much fun putting these all together! I really hope that you enjoyed this post, and if you did, be sure to subscribe to the blog to make sure you don’t miss out on any future content! Because I can tell you for sure there is a lot planned to soon come here on Sunshine & Rain!

Thanks a bunch for checking out the latest on the blog! I can’t wait to chat with you guys, and I hope you have an amazing day! Keep smiling my girly, it looks good on you 😉

hearts shake

was it all fake?

just imagined in my head

just a made up, senseless dream

that kept me awake in bed.

got the wind knocked out of me

when i was punched by reality

it was never a real thing

but you should know everything

i said was true

now im left wondering

how about you?

i didn’t trust my heart

it told me things

that i always ended up chasing

just racing til my body hurt.

it told me things i thought were lies

just made to seem and look fine

but now i see these things it tells me

make me who i am destined to be.

a heart is meant for breaking

so when it heals

it beautifully scars over

and it’s stronger in the quaking.

hearts can feel good

but hearts can also break

and hearts can shatter

and hearts can feel fake

and sometimes hearts make decisions

that you do and don’t want to make

but no matter what it does

your heart makes you who you are.

my heart aches

and my heart breaks

but my heart brought me to this

and my heart makes my life what it is.

be careful what you love

be careful what you let yourself fall for

because i can guarantee

you’ll be on your knees

begging for mercy and sleep

when that dangerous thing that beats in

your chest begins to take over the rest.

hearts are meant for breaking

and hearts can seem to be faking

and a heart can take you somewhere

that you don’t want to be

but a heart takes you places altogether

that you otherwise would never have seen.

a breaking heart is necessary

for who i am becoming.

a heart enjoys the good times

but can also rip you apart at the seams

and hearts can be joyful

and filled with love

or they can be empty

and feel they never get enough.

im just trying to say

hearts are meant for breaking

to be stronger in the quaking.

just be careful, ok?

because hearts can shake things.

Igniting Inspiration Week #9: Quotes of the Week to Ignite the Fire in Your Heart

Good Sunday morning y’all! I hope that your day is full of sunshine. ❤️ Today I am back with Week #9 of the Igniting Inspiration series! Like every week, I am going to be providing a handful of encouraging quotes, and some hilarious MEMES for some laughs to kick off the new week!

I absolutely love talking with you guys so I’d love to chat with you about this past week! What was something you did this week? Something you’ve been loving? Something you were extra grateful for? A special moment from this week? xD

Alright guys, here we go! Be sure to stay till the end for extra laughs!

*Once again, none of these images are my own unless listed otherwise*

I loved those so very much, how about you? ❤️ That feeling you have when you just happen to come across a quote or a bible verse and it speaks directly to your heart, Ahhh there’s nothing like it!

Okey dokey guys! You should know what time it is!

Haha I challenge you guys to go through all of these MEMES without laughing! If you accomplish that, then comment #DidntLaugh! And, if you can’t keep a single giggle in like me, then comment #TotallyFailedAtThisChallenge.

Don’t worry though pal *pats on the back*, I’m standing right there with ya. 😂

Ready? Set? GO!

Thanks to the lovely Allie for providing a few of these MEMES 😂❤️

Haha did you make it? Let me know down in the comments! I can totally tell you that I cracked up at all of these. 🙌🏻🤣

(Before we end the post, I’d like to ask anyone who has grabbed and displayed my blog button to please update it to the button displayed below. And, if you’d like to swap buttons totally let me know because I’d love to! xD Thank you!)

Ahhhh, this is always the sad part in every post. ‘Tis the time where I must say farewell, and bid you all good day.

But hey, don’t be so glum! (Okay I’m done with the weird accent thingy) There is so much more planned for future content here on Sunshine & Rain, so if you’d like to see more, be sure to Subscribe by email to make sure you don’t miss out!

Thanks a bunch for checking out the latest post in Igniting Inspiration! I’ll see ya again very soon lovely, keep smiling ; )

7 Day Phone Detox: The Benefits & My Experiences

I take a 7 day phone detox the last week of every month.

No pictures. No messages. No music. No editing. Nothing.

Yep, that’s right. For a full 7 days I don’t touch my phone at all. It sits on the dining room shelf and it stays there all week.

Here’s my post on why I do it, the huge benefits taking time away from our phones, and why you should try it!

We are all so attached to our phones, no matter how much we deny it. It becomes a habit and it ends up becoming a bad one, and it often wastes our time…. and ALOT OF IT.

Did you know that the average teen spends over 7 hours on their phones/socials every day? By the end of the week, the average teen would have spent over 49 hours on their phone! That’s more than 2 days worth of time!

At that rate, by the end of the year the average teen would have missed over 2,500 hours time of many other things they could have been doing. They could have been hiking, or reading a book, or studying, or drawing, or learning a new skill, or writing, or praying, or anything else in those 2,500 hours!

2,500 hours. That’s over 104 days worth of time wasted by the end of the year! There are 365 days in a year, and 104 days worth of time was just spent on a screen.

That time could have been used for so many other things, to make life better, more enjoyable. But, no. Instead, they were scrolling through their socials.

It makes me really sad seeing that some teens are just letting their lives pass right by them while their noses are sucked into a screen. And it often makes me really sad seeing these teens stuck on the phone, when they are right in front of eachother and don’t even bother to engage in conversation!

My parents have always been stricter than most with my phone time. But, over time it’s not only been their choice, but I’ve also accepted it as my own choice as well.

I have a time limit set on my phone (by my Mama) for 4 hours time a day. After that, my apps shut down and I can’t do anything on the phone, without a password only known by my Mom to unlock them.

I have rarely ever surpassed that time limit, and most people’s jaws drop when I say I spend a maximum of 2 hours on my phone every day! Which to be honest, 2 hours still seems like a lot and way too much time to me.

I don’t even have social media, not any. No Insta, no Snap, no VSCO, no Youtube, and no Pinterest. Once again, its not just my parents choice, but also mine. I don’t even want socials right now. Maybe later down the road I could make my own Pinterest account, or make an Insta, but not right now. Just awhile ago, I actually made the choice to delete YouTube completely off of my phone. I spent so much time on it, and it really started to bother me. And lemme tell ya, I don’t miss is at all.

Eventually, I will work on a post entirely on my thoughts and choices with social media.

Anyways, do you realize that 7 hours is actually over half of your entire day? And not only that, but a lot of girls actually admit that they’re normally on their phones at times like 3 am in the morning!

And they wonder why they have trouble sleeping?

Haha this post is in no way calling people out because if you struggle with phone attachment don’t worry! I still completely understand, and I know how hard it is to stay away from it!

But again, that doesn’t make it okay to let your phone get in the way of your health. Mental, and Physical.

Whenever I find myself getting super attached to my phone, like can’t-put-it-down-for-15-minutes-attached, then I know it’s time for a break.

So, at the end of every month, I take a one week phone break! For me, just taking a single day off of my phone is not enough, because I know the next day I’ll come straight back to it. After a full 7 days, I feel so very refreshed and I barely missed my phone at all!

After my break, I feel so good about myself and I can look back on my week and see all the things I’ve accomplished without my phone! During the week of not having my phone, it felt so good not having to worry about missing calls or texts and not worrying about always having it with me 24/7! Now i’m not saying in order to take a break it has to be 7 days, because you can take as much time as you want, and do whatever works for you!

I started seeing how attached I really was to my phone, when I started to notice whenever I was bored, I would immediately look for my phone. Or whenever I was first taking phone breaks, I kept catching myself reaching into my purse pocket for my phone out of habit, only to once again remember it wasn’t there.

Here are the top 5 benefits I have loved that have come out of taking nice 7 day phone breaks!


I have always found that in the mornings, and late nights, I have felt most productive. Those are the times when I actually want to clean my room, get school done, finish chores, do self care, and actually do so many other fun things! Ya know why? Because mornings, and late nights are when I don’t have my phone. During an entire week of phone freedom, I feel SO FREAKING PRODUCTIVE and it makes me feel really good! I got so many things done during my phone break, and it’s amazing.

Whenever I have my phone, I sometimes am guilty of being very lazy and unwise with my time. I’ve noticed sometimes that I tell myself early in the morning that I will definitely get this or that done later in the day, but once my phone is in my hands, all I want to do is sit down and spend hours on end on it. I used to tend to do that alot. So, when you don’t have your phone in your hand all the time, it really refreshes you, and helps you to use your time for so many better things!



Whenever you’re scrolling through your socials, how does it make you feel? How does it benefit your life or health? Often times, we can get sucked into social media out of boredom and all the sudden we start losing our positivity. This is often because of seeing other peoples lives in these perfect pictures and filters, and we start to compare our own lives to that. Always mindlessly scrolling through your socials can really break you down without you even realizing it. Doing this becomes a habit, which takes away from your time.

Staying away from socials for awhile can be really good for you! You are freeing yourself from the mindset of always having to have the perfect life like you see in all these other profiles, and it really gives you time for yourself. You get away from that which feeds into your mind negativity, and over time can tear you down completely.


I have always been a very creative person, but when I have my phone, I quite often find myself in a burnout stage. When I let go of my phone for awhile, I have actually found that that’s when so many ideas basically explode in my mind! I can get so much inspiration, and ideas, and artsy things outside of my phone. Just stepping away for awhile has actually helped me so much to brainstorm, and I have written down so many creative things and ideas from it!


I feel so very independent and strong whenever I have stepped away from my phone! It’s crazy how phone attachment can actually make you feel so chained down, and unable to do things on your own. You feel like you always need it to do everything, and just letting go of that really makes you see how much you can actually do on your own. You get super dependent on your device, and and without realizing it you make it basically your entire world.

I have been so proud of myself and been able to love myself so much more seeing all the great things I can do, and the amazing choice that I made by myself to stop holding on to my phone so tight.


And finally, stepping away from your screen allows you to live presently. When we’re sucked into our phones, we very much tend to let our lives fly by without even taking notice of it. There are so many amazing, and even not so amazing things happening in this real world right now that we are completely missing. And even if you’re there, doesn’t mean you aren’t missing out.

Don’t worry about taking pictures while you’re there! Try living in the moment and just take in the beauty, and happiness of it all right now! Of course, I am pretty sure that we all love a good selfie or an aesthetic photograph to look back on later, or share. But you shouldn’t be worried about being able to look back on the good times with a photograph, when you weren’t truly enjoying the good times at all.

Thank you guys so much for checking out the latest here on Sunshine & Rain! I very much enjoyed creating this, and can’t wait to create more. I also can’t wait to chat with you guys, and definitely let me know your thoughts on this post! I love you guys a bunch, and I’ll see ya again very soon!

I hope you feel pretty today, keep smiling lovely ; )

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Coffee mugs, old books & an orange cat

Igniting Inspiration Week #8

How to Create the Best Morning & Night Routine For You

Coffee mugs, old books & an orange cat.

I take another small sip of coffee from the mug I have cupped in my hands, still continuing to read the thin lines of the open book that lies in front of me. The bitter, and dark liquid is almost perfect.

Still warm, but cooled. It’s soothing to the mouth.

The delicate pages of the book are yellowed and brittle, and the edges are rigged and torn from many years of age. Most of the small black letters printed across the pages have faded so much they are nearly invisible. 

The click of the white ceramic mug back on the marble kitchen table is one of the few sounds that is keeping complete silence away. I hear my own breathe, and the low crackles and pops of the logs in the brick fireplace. It does fairly well in keeping the cottage warm and cozy during the winter days. 

All is quiet and chilly, as I sit there with that mug of coffee, and that old brown book.

I pull the sleeves of my soft gray sweater over my wrists, and hold them cozily there with my fingers. I tuck my hands under my chin as I begin to read aloud to myself. My voice raspy from the frosty air of the morning, I read, “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name…” I paused. “… you are mine.” 

The beautiful words seemed to linger in the air as a soft and sweet aroma, that I could breathe over and over again. The words bring a sensation of comfort, that hangs as a blanket around my shoulders. 

I brush my cold fingers over the words, trying to grip onto every letter as if I could pick them up, and lock them in my heart forever.

I continue reading aloud, in that still kitchen. Just my voice breaking the silence of the house, which normally brings a feeling of loneliness.

I’m once again reminded I’m not the only one in this rusty cottage, as an orange ball of fuzz walks underneath the table. Samuel’s faded orange fur, with streaks of white brushes against my legs, and his whiskers tickle my feet. I can’t help but giggle. 

He looks up at me for just a second, and I gaze into his beautiful green, and brown speckled eyes. His eyes are like a pond in the summer, with the lilies floating atop the muddy water.

I smile softly at him, and reach down to pick him up. I cradle him in my arms and snuggle him close, with my nose in his fur. He purrs, and nuzzles his face in my sweater.

I close my eyes just for a second, and sit there. 

I sit there with a mug of coffee, an orange cat, and that old brown book.

I open my eyes, and see him looking at me again. I have a feeling of happiness and warmth inside. I gently kiss him on the nose, with him still cradled in my arms.

I sit him on my right shoulder, and close the book still in front of me. I carefully pick it up not letting the few torn pages slip out, and walk over to the mysterious door across the room. The wooden door has scratches all over, and the brass knob has been worn over the years.

I sit the book down on the cabinet next to the door, that holds all of the glass bowls and plates, and variety of coffee mugs I managed to collect over a period of years.

I slide the metal key off the top of the cabinet and wiggle it into the brass lock until I hear the click of the latch.

It is a quite suspicious looking door, so it’s probably hard not to let your imagination run wild when there’s curiosity for what’s down there. 

The door is always locked. Nobody but the cat and I have ever been down in that basement before, at least not since books were no longer wanted years ago, and I am unsure if they still exist on the face of the earth. Most books have been thrown away, just tossed into the trash. A lot of valuable things of the past have been thrown away.

Nobody wanted books, or even art anymore. Some people today blame you of being a liar or a fake for believing things written inside the pages of the beautiful things called books, or loving art. If the wrong person finds these things, they’ll destroy all you have. That’s why I won’t let anyone inside my house, let alone the basement.

I fear that they may burn everything I hold precious to me.

The lock clicks and turns, and I forcefully push open the door. I am immediately sense the sweet smell of paper. I feel for the switch along the wall with my free hand, and flip it. Everything came to life with one switch.

My pretty lights strung across the ceiling seem to burst with yellow joy as they come on. All the different colors I have painted on the walls, and beautiful drawings I have created are shown. I have my sack chair sitting towards the right in the middle of the room, and my favorite white wool rug on the floor.

A short coffee table sits in the center of the room, with a forgotten coffee mug from the previous night, and a still open book.

I have more smaller lights that twinkle, strung across the many shelves in the room. You wouldn’t expect it to be as big as it is inside of such a tiny home, but this room is my home.

All the shelves lined along the walls, and smaller shelves in the center of the room, all lined with pages filled with memories of the past.

A table in the left corner is stacked with books, that have yet to be alphabetized along the shelves.

I open the drawer to an identical cabinet as the one upstairs, and lay the old brown book inside.

I walk in the spaces between the shelves, filled with beautiful things. Some trinkets and small decorations would sit here and there among the books.

I smile as I pick up a small glass frog. It sits upright on its back legs, and it grasps a yellow flower in its small arms. Its eyes are glossed and shimmering, and its cheeks are a rosy red. Its smile has a look of shyness and peace. I look at it once more and put it back down on the shelf, and straighten it to where it first sat.

I walk into the middle of the room, the wooden floor creaking with every step.

The whole room smells like pure happiness. The aroma of aged paper mixes with the lingering smell of the pumpkin candle I lit last night.

I stand there, looking around the room.

I stand there with an orange cat on my shoulder, in a room bursting with books, light, and art, and creative things.

It just feels good.

Thanks for checking out my random writing spurt! I have just recently been feeling really creative with writing, and I couldn’t say my writings are the best ever, but I think I did pretty well with it haha!

Incase you were wondering, this short story line was supposed to be based off of what life would be like in a world full of hatred for books, or where books almost didn’t exist anywhere. Basically in a world where you have to hide art, and writings, and creativity.

This was a bit longer than I expected, but hopefully my writings intrigued you so maybe you possibly actually read it all the way through haha! (I feel like some of you authors out there may be hard core cringing right about now though. Are you?😂 )

I will most likely continue experimenting with my writing, and I would love to here if you have any suggestions or tips on becoming a better author!

Also this may or may not have been a schoolwork assignment for an essay I was writing that was only supposed to be 250-500 words and I may or may not have written almost 2,000 hehe…. so I figured hey why not make it into a post?

I’ll see ya super soon guys, it was really great getting to drop in for a bit! xD Have an amazing day loves, and keep smiling! ; )

Answering Your Assumptions About Me:

*whoop whoop for post number 2 today!* xD

Hiya hiya peeps! *cringes at how extremely delayed this post actually is* What it be? Haha, in today’s post I am going to be answering all of your assumptions about me! You guys gave some pretty creative assumptions in one of my previous posts, and I am really excited to be answering them! Alrighty, nothing much else to so say so lets go! xD

Assumptions from Christina:

You love music/singing Yes!! Music and singing is a huge passion of mine. ❤

Your favorite color is yellow or purple Ahhh, yes! All shades of Yellow!

You like reading sometimes I loveeeee reading! I’m a really big book girl, I love them so much. xD

You don’t have a ton of friends you’re not that close to, you have a few friends you’re super close to Pretty accurate! I don’t have a ton of friends, but the handful I do have I am really close to. 4 quarters is better then 100 pennies eh?

You’re really good at school I’m pretty sure I am haha, atleast when I’m motivated enough!

Assumptions from Evin:

You love the beach Yes!

You have a sister I do!

You love to experiment with your hair Yep yep! I love styling my hair!

You love yellow Yes!

You love dogs I do love dogs!

Assumptions from Eliana:

You love music So very much!

You play uke I do!

Your fave colors are pink and blue My favorite colors are dusty pink/muave and yellow!

You love dogs Yes!

You want to learn to bullet journal I actually already do experiment with bujoing sometimes! But yes I would like to learn some different techniques for it!

Assumptions from Kayla Joy:

you are an extrovert 99.9% of the time!

you love roller coasters/amusement parks I doooo!

you prefer movies over tv shows It’s a half and half haha!

you love art and music I absolutely do!

Assumptions from Sarah:

You are 12/13 I’m sorry, but I would rather keep my age as personal info.

You like books Yep yep!

Your fav subject is English My favorite subject is History actually!

You have 2 sisters and one little brother I have one brother, and one sister!

You want to go to Paris someday It’s not at the top of my list but it would definitely be awesome to see!

Assumptions from Introverted Thoughts:

You love being around people I do!

You try and make sure everyone around is happy I do try and make everyone happy that I can, but, you cannot satisfy everyone.

You love sunny days Ahhhh yes haha!

You dislike rude people Haha yes most of the time! You don’t always have to like them, but you do have to love them as Jesus says haha!

Assumptions from Raegan:

You love animals ALWAYS.

You can play guitar I actually can’t play guitar, but I would love to learn since I play the uke!

You blog for fun Yes! Fun and enjoyment for everyone is one of the main reasons I blog!

You don’t like cucumbers I actually love cucumbers haha!

Assumptions from Lrose5:

You hate roller coasters I love them!

You have atleast 5 close friends I have quite a few, but not many if that makes sense!

Your favorite color is yellow YES!

You are a night person I am both morning and night haha! I feel most productive either early in the morning, or late at night!

You love coffee I don’t actually drink much coffee!

You love shorts more than skirts AH how can I choose?

You don’t like dancing I love dancing! I want to start taking dance lessons!

Assumptions from Haley:

you like makeup I don’t wear any makeup other than mascara, and I don’t think I ever will!

you hate noisy chewers Yes.

you think chicken nuggets are awesome um, YES!

you like chocolate Yep yep!

you love to sing Always & Forver ; )

you play at least 1 instrument Yup! Ukulele, and somewhat piano haha 😅

you change your outfit about 3-4 times a day (counting pjs-to clothes and clothes to pjs) I think I normally change 2 times a day, but there are some days when I switch my outfits around multiple times haha!

You are random and crazy You know it *sits back with sunglasses*

Your friends love you …. u guys love me, right?

you are the life of the party I always try to be!

Assumptions from Lizzy:

You are a daredevil Not exactly, but I feel like I could be haha!

You love books Yesss!

You are very funny I think so Lol! xD

You like hot chocolate Yep!

Assumptions from Cassia Elizabeth:

You like Starbucks Um, Pink drink? Yes PLEASE.

You like pop music Yes I do!

You like Summer Ahhhh, yes.

You like fashion Absolutely!

You’re fun to hang out with I hope so! xP

You’re a good friend I really try my hardest to be! ; )

Assumptions from Green Mountain Girl:

You love the ocean I do!

You like bubble gum I have an extreme obsession with gum.

You have a magnetic personality I feel like it seems that way haha!

You have never broken a bone I actually have not!

You don’t like thunderstorms I am in LOVE with thunderstorms! They’re so fascinating to me, and they make me happy.

Assumptions from Planet of Positivity:

You love to listen to music 24/7

You are a night owl I can be!

You love school If i’m being honest, not really haha! I know I need it though!

You like waterparks Yuppers!

You are scared of snakes Kind of, but I think they’re pretty cool!

You love dogs *a million heart emojis*

You like the color blue It’s not my top favorite, but yes blue is a beautiful color!

Assumptions from Esther:

You are very artistic Of course!

You prefer cake over cookies AGH, how can I choose?!

You like reading books yourself better than listening to somebody else reading them Yes actually!

You have a positive outlook I try my best to be as positive as possible! ; D

You have a large number of friends I will be a friend to any and all xD

Assumptions from Amy:

You love sunshine Absolutely!

You use Pinterest ALOT YES.

You have 5 siblings?!?!? *crickets chirping* Haha no! I have 2 siblings!

You don’t use much makeup I do not! I only wear the occasional mascara and I think i’d like to keep it that way forever!

 You always try to find the perfect pic for every post (idk, but you always do have the perfect pics!) Awww thanks girly ; D That is true though haha! Most of my images I make myself!

You listen to a mix pop and worship music all the time Yes! Those are some of my faves!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in providing all those lovely assumptions, that I very much enjoyed answering! 😝

I’m glad you stopped by for a while to check out the latest here on Sunshine & Rain, and I can’t wait to chat with you guys! I’ll see ya very soon my Chicken Nuggets, keep smiling!

Literally loving the new sign out ❤️

Igniting Inspiration Week #8: Quotes of the Week to Ignite the Fire in Your Heart

Happy Sunday Beautiful! How has your day been? I hope its been full of sunshine! ; ) Today, I am so freaking pumped to be back with Week #8 of the Igniting Inspiration series! As always, I have gotten together some beautiful encouraging quotes, as well as some hilarious MEMEs at the end to bring to laughs to your day, and kick off the new week with a great start!

Alrighty, before we jump right in, YOU GUYS. GUESS WHAT. The lovely Chicken Nugget Fam has just hit 100 followers TODAY!! I cannot even express how much I appreciate y’alls love and support, and I totally don’t deserve it all! Thank you so very much to all my lovely friends out here in the blogosphere, I love you guys so much and it makes me so happy knowing that 100 amazing people have become apart of our community. ; ) I am so very grateful with how our fam is growing and bringing in so many more amazing and beautiful people just aghhhhh, it makes me so happy! 😭 *happy cries* Be on the lookout for a blog party to celebrate here soon…xD

Okey dokey, here we go! xD

*none of the images displayed are my own unless listed otherwise*

I absolutely loved each and every one of these encouraging quotes, and I hope they brought some light and love to your day! ❤

NOW. Are you ready for a challenge? I challenge you guys, to go through all of these MEMES and try your hardest not to laugh! If you accomplish that, the comment down below #Didn’tLaugh! And, if you laugh at everything like me, then i’ll be standing right there with you with a #TotallyFailedAtThisChallenge. 😂 (See, i’m already cracking up just thinking about them?!)


BAHAHA Did you laugh?! Let me know down in the comments! xD

Welp, I’m afraid that this post has sadly come to an end mi amigas. But don’t worry! I have so much more future content planned here on Sunshine & Rain that I cannot wait to share with you guys, so if you enjoyed this post be sure to Subscribe to the blog to make sure that you don’t miss out!

I so very much enjoyed making this post, Thanks so much for checking it out and I cannot wairtt to chat with y’all! Have an amazing day loves, and keep smiling. ; )

Literally in love with the new sign out ❤️