Introducing Sunshine and Rain: New Changes to the Blog *jumps in excitement*

Hewwo dear chicken nuggets! *sips chamomile tea* It’s great to be back! (I wasn’t actually gone for too long, but ya’know it’s always nice making another appearance) I don’t know who all has noticed yet, but I have recently redone my blog layout, and completely changed the name! In this post I will be going into detail on that topic, and explain why the changes. Also explaining what kinds of things are coming to Sunshine and Rain in the future.

So I first began blogging back in May\June of last year. Which it’s almost my one year blogging anniversary! (I’m not actually planning on doing anything really big for it, but just thought it was a cool thing to think about!) Anyways, when I first started blogging I sorta just jumped into it blindly with no idea what I was really doing. It didn’t exactly have a purpose besides the fact it was a delayed school assignment. I explain more about my first experiences with blogging and why I wasn’t getting what I felt my heart wanted for it in my post “Starting Fresh”. Over time, I have found the purpose for my blog and what I wanted it to be, and what I really felt my heart desired for it! Having a main purpose for it also made it so much more fun to do! I really do have a love for blogging, and sharing my life’s experiences through it. The good, and the bad. And that my friends, leads to why the name change.

What once was “Hailey Creates: Create. Imagine. Live Crazy.”, is now “Sunshine and Rain: Through the craziness of life.” I first named my blog Hailey Creates, because I originally thought that my whole blog would be based off of hacks, DIY’s, and that stuff. But that’s not what I wanted. Yes, I do plan on doing some DIY, and crafty posts in the future because I love that stuff! I am definitely a crafty person, and love sharing fun things like that with y’all, but that’s not why my blog exists. Like I said in Starting Fresh, I want to share my life’s experiences on here. I don’t want people to just see my content I want them to feel it, and relate to it. I want it to help young girls like me that are trying to find their way around this world. I want to share the things I love, share the adventures I go on, and all of the crazy things of my life!

One of my favorite things to keep in mind is that “A tree has to go through Sunshine, Dirt, and Rain to grow.” Which by the way, I am proud to mention that it’s my very own quote. xD It is saying that we are like trees. We have to go through alot, the good and the bad, to be able to grow. To grow into ourselves as who we are destined to be, and to grow in our faith in God. Through happiness, and joy, to sadness and the dirt of the world to fulfill our purpose in Jesus, and to be who we are destined to be and destined to do. So like trees we have to break through the dirt, and sadness, and the pain. We have to feel and soak in the sunshine, enjoy the happy moments, and seek joy through the rain. That is why the name change, because I want to share all those kinds of things I face through this blog and share how I “do” life. Also because I really love the sunny, beachy vibe the name and logo gives my blog haha!

I am working on putting together more things that have to do with lifestyle posts, pen paling or even bujo stuff, song covers, original songs, daily life, poetry, short stories, photography, traveling, life tips, and a whooooole bunch of other things that I love! To sum it up it’s basically the adventures of my life. I’m sharing the things that I face, and showing how i’m overcoming them, and trying to grow into myself and fulfill my purpose. I am so excited to share these things, and I think this will be a good thing to keep and then look back on my life when I’m older! I basically want my blog to be an outward expression of my personality, and show who I am. The truth is life is crazy. There will be Sunshine, and there will be rain.

Welcome to the blog, and to the crazy journey of life! Get comfortable, and hang on chicken nuggets. Its gonna be a wild ride.

How bout’ my new signout eh? xD