There I stood. At the edge of a cliff.

At the edge of the very world.

The wind blowing through my hair, through my white silk dress. Almost lifting my bare feet from the ground.

The unknown was below.

I heard sounds of water crashing, but below the cold mist I could see nothing but darkness.

I stood there, afraid. I wanted to leap, I was curious.

I wanted to experience something different in life.

I wanted to feel free and brave, but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t jump.

Then you walked up.

Slowly you walked, and stood right next to me, staring blankly into the deep darkness and unknown things that lurk below.

Then you looked up, straight into my eyes. And you smiled.

I smiled too.

We just stood, and listened to the terrifying sounds of the wind and waves.

Then you said you would jump with me.

You told me you’d jump, and stay right by my side through the dark.

I trusted you.

You made me happy.

Suddenly the curiosity grew, and the fear didn’t exist anymore.

We counted to 3

And we jumped.

We laughed and shouted as we leaped, and flew through the sky.

It felt as if I was floating. The adrenaline rushing through me.

Little did I know what was down there.

We both crashed into the waves, and we fell deep into the waters.

I opened my eyes.

You were right in front of me, nose just inches away from mine. Staring deep into my eyes, smiling that big smile of yours.

I giggled, and managed not to choke.

My heart fluttered, and jumped.

You grabbed me by the hand, and pulled me deeper to swim. Deeper, deeper.

Then, we danced.

Danced in the ocean. Swaying in the current, and twirling me. We shared something that felt electric.

We just kept moving with the waters. Your fingers linked in mine. It just felt right.

Then there was a noise.

You turned your head up to the surface of the waters, and the sunlight glinted off of your bright eyes.

I looked up too, but saw nothing.

Then the noise. It called again.

I couldn’t hear what it was, but you heard it clearly.

Without hesitation, your hands slipped from mine and you started to swim back up.

I reached back out for your hand and grasped it, pulling you back.

You looked at me. No smile. No glare. Just a blank expression.

You shook free from my grasp and continued to swim. I tried to call out to you, but I gagged on the water.

I tried to follow you, but I couldn’t. I tried kicking and pushing but nothing worked. Something was holding me down in the water.

I kicked and screamed to you, but you didn’t hear me.

I kept swimming and pushing upward, but made it nowhere. You had just touched the surface, before I was dragged back down.

Something had a hold on me, and it was dragging me further and further down into the water. I cried and called out to you, over and over, but the saltwater filled my lungs.

I was running out of breath.

Running out of time.

It felt like there was a weight, pushing me deeper and deeper, drowning me.

Darkness overtook me, and I couldn’t fight the storm that raged in the water.

And I couldn’t stop the storm that raged inside me.

I just couldn’t swim anymore.

I let it pull me down deeper into the dark. I let myself sink, and the water took my voice away.

I kept trying to call out, but I couldn’t. My hair and dress floated through the water as I kept going deeper. My last bubbles of breath escaped, as I looked at the glimmer of the sunshine one last time.

Now here I lay at the ocean floor

where nothing happens

And darkness covers everything

I can’t see the light anymore

And I can’t breathe, but I’m still living.

I just exist.

I’m invisible, and nobody sees me through the dark of the sea.

Nobody can hear me, because I’m forever silent through the crashing of waves.

My voice is gone.

My hope.

My happiness.

I’m forever waiting until the day, when someone else just may take the jump

and dive deeper

to rescue me from this storm

where I may taste oxygen again.

31 thoughts on “OXYGEN

  1. Wooooooowwww …. this is SO poignant! Is this an allegory, may I ask … (I’m screaming in my head girl, this is really amazing! If you were feeling the way this girl feels, then I can feel what you were feeling!😂) I LOVE it!🤗💕

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwww I’m very glad you enjoyed 😊 Actually yes, it is an allegory! Most of my writings actually are, and I find myself writing that way quite often! Ahhh yes haha, this story was basically my inward emotions expressed outward so I can say I definitely relate to the story! Thank you so much Makayla! 😊❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. HAY-HAY! I SMILED DURING THIS! What happens next? Why did the dude suddenly swim up? What was the noise? How’d the girl end up there? I have so many questions! I could almost feel her breath been taken away from her, you’ve described her feelings so stupendously! I love it! Can you continue please? I wanna know what happens next, I don’t handle curiosity well here, you know?🙄 When you said ‘I only exist’ that made the whole poem feel even more alive! Get me? No, okay but I can tell you poured every bit of your soul and heart into this. It’s mad! Fantastic!

    Liked by 1 person

    • AWWWW. FHANK YOU. Haha I actually have no clue what happens next! I think I will be sure to make a second part whenever a second part happens 😉 Haha some questions remain unanswered for unknown reasons! (That and it makes it super dramatic) Awww I am so glad you enjoyed, thank you so much Srisha!!❤️😊

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh.my.goodness. I could actually see him smiling…. and I could feel the girl’s fear…. you describe things soooo vividly Hailey!! 😍❤It was just like a sad story!! 😢It was sooooooooo beautiful!! ❤I agree with everything Srisha said!!🤗 It is stupendous and I have so many questions!! 😂It’s so beautiful and mysterious!!😍 Keep writing porms like this!!😍
    Lots if Love, Amy


  4. My i- 🤯 wow just wow I literally don’t have any words. This was so terrifyingly beautiful ??? Wow, I’m generally curious what inspired you to write this? Or how did you come to the conclusion? You left me mouth open and speechless! Spectacular post Hailey! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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