Igniting Inspiration: Quotes of the Week to Ignite the Fire in Your Heart + Extra Laughs

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Good Sunday morning sweets! ❤️ Once again I hope that your day is full of Sunshine. 😉 Today we are back with Week #4 of the Igniting Inspiration series and I am as excited as ever! xD

I cannot wait because I have got together some beautiful new quotes plus extra MEMES to bring you some encouragement and laughs for the new fresh week ahead! All of these quotes I have picked out have totally touched my heart in different ways, and I really hope they do they same for you. (Reminder to stay till the end for extra laughs! 😜) Alrighty, enjoy. ;D

*Images displayed are not my own unless said otherwise*

Agh, I love every single one of these quotes in so many ways. Like I always mention, please let me know if there is anything specific that you need prayer for lately because I would definitely love to pray for anything happening in your life right now. ❤️

Okey dokey, I can’t wait any longer so let’s get onto those MEMES shall we? xD Be sure to try not to laugh through all of these and if you actually somehow accomplish that, be sure to comment down below #Didn’tLaugh!

But….if you’re like me and literally laugh at anything at all, then comment down below #TotallyFailedAtThisChallenge. 😂 No shame in that though haha! Laughing is a great thing, and actually one of my favorite things! Okay I’ll stop talking now, let’s get to those MEMES already!

have I already used this one before? 🤨

Haha did you laugh at any of those? Dude I cracked up at literally all of them 😂🙌🏻

*gets distracted and oddly amused with emojis*

🤙🏻 Oh my gosh how did I not know they had that emoji?? I’m gonna use that for everything now. 🤟🏻 Woah they have that one too?! Ight. I’m going on an emoji hunt

*please stand by*

Thank you for checking out the latest Igniting Inspiration post and I cannot wait to chat with you guys soon! Stay cool dudes 🤙🏻

*hehe told you I’d use it 😏*

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24 thoughts on “Igniting Inspiration: Quotes of the Week to Ignite the Fire in Your Heart + Extra Laughs

  1. These quotes are so inspiring! THOSEE MEMESSSSSS😂😂 THAT MOSQUITO ONEEE THO! I. AM. DONE. BEING. THE. VICTIM. IMMA BITE IT BACK, and since we’re talking about mosquitoes, join our SLAPPING THE MOSQUITO ACROSS THE FACE (ew) SQUAD!😂😂😂#TotallyFailedAtThisChallenge A MILLIONNN TIMEEEESSS!!! Do you have a favorite in those memes?


  2. I loved the quotes…AND LOOOOOVED THE MEMES SO MUCH🤣💕❤️😂💕🤣❤️😂💕 #totallyfailedatthischallenge😂


  3. Loved the quotes! You always pick the best ones!!! #TotallyFailedAtThisChallenge!!!! I was doubled up in laughter after seeing the mosquito meme!!! And the barbie one!!! Keep this up Hailey! You are brightening up our days!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Those quotes are FANTASTIC….I really can’t tell you how much I enjoy those. 🥰🥰
    And those memes!!! 😂😂😂 #TotallyFailedAtThisChallenge
    Have an awesome day!! ❤❤😜


    Liked by 1 person

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